Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kitten Carnage

Sad news today folks.

The nest of adorable kittens in my garden was disrupted by something vicious the night before last. When I came out of the house next morning, there was carnage everywhere. No matter how you feel about kittens and cats, there is nothing sadder than a yard strewn with dead kittens. One kitten was unaccounted for, and the mommy cat is nowhere to be found.

Cut to this morning, when Household residents and staff discovered plaintive Mewing coming from beneath the washing machine. One kitten has survived, and if there is still no sign of mom by tonight, I'll catch it and bring it in. I've always wanted a cat! I'm thinking of naming it Velcro. No doubt Suburban Spouse will be thrilled. Check back for pictures soon.

In other news, I have once again retrieved one of the Suburban Family's vehicles from the depths of Wadi Kabir. I am 64 Rials poorer, but thrilled to have the car back.

On to the weather, there was gorgeous rain night before last. The air was so clear and fresh yesterday, what a treat.

And thanks to Pizza Queen for the comment on this blog! I'm amazed you found it so early in it's existence. If I ever figure out how to make the comments appear then my other two readers (Hi Mom!) can read it too. Stay tuned on that front.

And that is the news for this morning.

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