Sunday, December 10, 2006

Construction, strange men in my yard.

I'm updating the blog today, because I've got a little bit of spare time this morning! A special thank you to the construction crew hammering away outside my bedroom window, without you I would have spent my time sleeping, and as we all know, nobody really needs sleep... Nothing like the sound of Jackhammers at six am to make for a productive day. In fact, I'm looking forward to TEN MONTHS of productive days, according to the lazy chap in charge.

I can't fathom how construction can be allowed before seven am in a residential area. Both Adults in the Suburban family work full time, and Suburban infant needs feeding throughout the night. My only guaranteed sleep occurs between 5:00 and 8:00 in the morning. I had a few uncivil words with the construction foreman, culminating in a threat to start throwing Molotov Cocktails down on them each morning if they can't find something quiet to do for the first hour of the day. He was totally unsympathetic / hostile. Lazy fucker, snoozing in his Air conditioned Toyota prado while his slaves labour away.

The construction guys are assembling their shack-style accommodation beneath the next-door carport, overlooking my garden / patio/ living room. MS Suburban is thrilled that she'll have an audience of 15 every time she feeds suburban infant.

Kitten Update: We have adopted the kitten and named him Velcro. He is immensely entertaining.