Sunday, December 10, 2006

Construction, strange men in my yard.

I'm updating the blog today, because I've got a little bit of spare time this morning! A special thank you to the construction crew hammering away outside my bedroom window, without you I would have spent my time sleeping, and as we all know, nobody really needs sleep... Nothing like the sound of Jackhammers at six am to make for a productive day. In fact, I'm looking forward to TEN MONTHS of productive days, according to the lazy chap in charge.

I can't fathom how construction can be allowed before seven am in a residential area. Both Adults in the Suburban family work full time, and Suburban infant needs feeding throughout the night. My only guaranteed sleep occurs between 5:00 and 8:00 in the morning. I had a few uncivil words with the construction foreman, culminating in a threat to start throwing Molotov Cocktails down on them each morning if they can't find something quiet to do for the first hour of the day. He was totally unsympathetic / hostile. Lazy fucker, snoozing in his Air conditioned Toyota prado while his slaves labour away.

The construction guys are assembling their shack-style accommodation beneath the next-door carport, overlooking my garden / patio/ living room. MS Suburban is thrilled that she'll have an audience of 15 every time she feeds suburban infant.

Kitten Update: We have adopted the kitten and named him Velcro. He is immensely entertaining.


Anonymous said...

I love the image of the guy in his 4x4 while the crew works on waking you up! So ME. Keep it up. Oman needs more blogs!!!

Suburban said...

Thanks Anon!
The little slave guys are actually nice, they seem to enjoy suburban infant a lot, though Ms. suburban can't breast feed the baby on the patio anymore. We had an Americal Architect visitor around the other night, and he had some scary feedback regarding building practices. Like, hope there's never a big earthquake.