Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Best Thing About Oman

The Fabulous Royal Oman Police.
Ladies and gentlemen of the ROP, I applaud you. You are so fantastic, disciplined, friendly, and full of good cheer that i have to remind myself that you are actually police. It is so so sooooo hard for me to drive past you in your adorable uniforms and not lunge from the car and hug each and every one of you repeatedly. Allow me to list some of the many reasons I love you.
  • Riot Police: I love how you wave and smile in your riot gear. Plastic shields and black flack Jackets cannot curb your enthusiasm for life.
  • Traffic police: I love it when you pull me over just to chat or practice your English.
  • Security Gate police: I love it when you won't let me through the gate until I tell you many, many times that my car is not for sale. I adore my (totally impractical, unreliable, Loud and ugly) cars to the point of lunacy, and I'm thrilled when someone else likes them too.
  • Salalah Police: Do you guys remember the event organised by the crazy white woman who shouted at you, your captains, and your Colonel? Once there were enough of you, you were all fabulous. I was so touched that you all wanted your photos taken with me afterward, though I suspect my face is adorning dartboards all over the Sultanate now.
  • Police at desks in Al Khuwair: Thank you for your tireless efforts to retrieve my laptop from the guy who stole it. You were all so lighthearted, professional, and cherry even though it was Ramadan. Thanks for helping me get it back.
  • Paperwork Police: Despite having jobs that must be frustrating and unrewarding, you are always sweet, kind, and cheerful whenever I see you
  • Colonel Yaqoob from Salalah: You are a Scholar and a Gentleman. You are a dedicated father and family man, and an excellent role model for Omani's everywhere. You are a conscientious leader, a man of high morals, and a credit to the ROP. Should HM ever need a top advisor, and ask me to pick him (fat chance) you would be it.

That pretty much concludes my thoughts for today.

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Anonymous said...

You're right Suburban, The ROP should get some kind of international award for most friendly police. I'd never seen the riot police out in their kit before, and as last time they lost at soccer the Omani's still had a celebration, its hard to see them getting any action!

And even I have to admit they look pretty cute and all exited to be out, like the kids going on an outing to Marah Land! [and young! reminds me how old I'm getting...]. Tho' I'm successfully resisting any hugging urges...

Maybe see you out tooting your horn in your impractical car after Oman take the cup (or not!)