Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A familial invasion of epic proportions, coming attractions

With the holidays behind us, the suburban household population has decreased 66.6%. Sisters, children, brothers, brothers spouses, and brother's spouse's sisters have all flown away to return to their education and work in various westernized countries. Suburban infant and Velcro the cat have been returned to their previous states of benign neglect, and the housemaid is likely breathing a sigh of relief. At last I have some time to blog / write to myself. Look for plenty of updates in the coming days, as recent work and social endeavours have given me a lot to complain / comment about.

Future topics are likely to include:
  • How, exactly, did Qatar win so many medals at the Asian Games?
  • Why Oman is unlikely to host the Olympics in the near future
  • What is the deal with high ranking government employees having a hotmail address for an email?
  • An informative paragraph regarding turn signals and what they are for.
  • Globish, a solution to communication issues in our multi-cultural Oman, or is Hinglish already the answer?
  • Oman FM: the good, the bad, and the barely intelligible.
  • Al Jazeera English; why I love it.
  • Times of Oman letters to the editor. and letters from the editor.
  • The upcoming, fabulous, Rally Oman 2007!!!!!! One of the best, yet most widely ignored events in the Sultanate.
  • And Tomorrow's topic: Secretaries of Oman, you are half the reason the country is stagnating. Please, for the sake of all of us, learn to take a message.

Tune in tomorrow for further news from Suburban Muscat.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Welcome back Suburban!

Sounds like you had a full house over the break.
Doesn't the ever increasing popularity of the Muscat Festival continue to be an inditement of how there's just fuck all else to do in Muscat the other 11 months of the year?

Look forward to more.