Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Three quick things

Hello Muscat. Three quick things today.

1) What are the guys sitting on blue plastic lawn chairs doing all over Shatti Al Qurum today? I waved but none of them would wave back.

2) You know Darcy's Kitchen? If you sit at the table next to the escalators, facing away from Starbucks, you will find yourself getting an eye full if a Lady in a short skirt or a guy in loose, short shorts rides down. it's the glass sides on the escalator.(After pointing this out to suburban spouse, I was offered the opportunity to change places.) My friend Ali, whenever I see him there, is almost always at that table. Hmmmm....

3) I'm thinking of starting another Blog called Bad Parking Oman (catchy, No?) where I'll take pictures of various parking transgressions and then post them for the world to admire. Watch out Mr. Too-special-to-walk and Mr. I'm-only-Handicapped-Mentally.

That's it for today, more in a few days.


Anonymous said...

I think we'd all rather you starting taking [and posting] pictures from the great spot you've discovered in Darcy's!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sub'. Good idea. There do seem to be a lot of mentally handicapped drivers in Oman who think they're in a wheelchair [on top of all the others who biggest handicap seems to be an inability to actually fucking drive a vehicle].

I'll try taking pictures of the 'I'm too important to get into the queue of traffic so I'll go along the side of the road and cut in at the last minute' arseholes. I HATE THEM!!!!

Never has the urge to have an in-built rocket launcher option more strong. These idiots think they're too good to queue, and by cutting in they contribute to the hold-up, and steal time from all the people following the rules. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Suburban!