Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Belated Valentine

Mr X,

Thank you for being mine.

I feel like I was born just to be yours, that I belonged to you even before I met you, that every experience I've ever had was to prepare me for the honor of being your wife. I knew, from the first hello, from the first borrowed cigarette, from the first card you sent me with your handwriting disguised, that you were the only thing I wanted.

You are Gorgeous. Your smile, the way your teeth are gapped at the front, your sparkling eyes and angular Jaw all come together to make the face I want to look at every morning for the rest of my life.

You are patient, and have resigned yourself to the role of responsible adult in our relationship without complaint. Thank you for providing this fantastic life, This Castle we live in, the delicious ingredients that fill the fridge. How wonderful to be among the lucky few who don't want for anything.

Thank you for telling me No with the same patient tone every time I ask for a goat, cow, ducks, or whatever. Sometimes I ask for stuff Just so you'll say no, because you are so funny in the way you say it. You have the same patience and Humour each time, Even if it's the hundredth time I've asked. A girl needs limits too.

Remember the reliable, Shiny, brand new car you had when I met you? It takes a truly amazing man to be able to part with the only new and expensive thing he's ever owned and trade it for three unreliable but vastly more interesting forms of transportation. You are awesome, and all the guys you work with are envious of your new wheels. Honest.

You somehow manage to work with and live down the street from my parents. No other man could tolerate so much contact with in laws, yet you seem to thrive on it and genuinely enjoy their company. They adore you.

You forgive the unforgivable from me and ride out the thunder storms of my bad behavior and immaturity as though they were only a summer breeze. I promise, I'll make the effort worthwhile in the long run.

My Dad says the secret to a happy marriage is to marry someone who laughs at your jokes. He's right. You laugh at my jokes no matter how stupid they are.

You are fantastic in Bed. Absolutely amazing.

Thank you for our Daughter. She is the most amazing, and yet the most normal thing I've ever done. You are fantastic with her, and she adores you. The way she looks at you and smiles her toothless grin in the hopes of catching your eye, and the happy baby babble she directs at you warms my heart. You help me so much to be a confident, Competent, capable mother.

Darling, thanks for being mine. I am so Honored to be your wife.

Action Girl


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Valentine Suburban!

It was so clearly from your heart - as all good valentines are.

Your husband is a very lucky guy. I'm sure he knows it.


Amjad said...

This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!!

Mashallah suburban ... Amazing wallahi!! True words .. and so meaningful! ..

Balqis said...

He'll be happy for the bed amazing mention

Sous said...

Now you made me weep. Really sweet. May god bless you two with a life and marriage that is always as loving as it is now.

Suburban said...

JP- I'm the lucky one. truly.
Amjad- thanks for the comment, it came from the heart
Balqis- He was, and he is.
Sous- God has blessed us, and I can only hope that he continues to.

THanks everybody for the comments.