Monday, February 12, 2007

More unhappy news for women

Especially Unhappy if you are a woman unfortunate enough to be from a poor country of brown people. Extra especially unhappy if that country happens to be China.

Wounds on victim's body 'insufficient evidence'

The wounds and sperm traces found on a suspected rape victim's body are "insufficient evidence to confirm whether she was physically and sexually assaulted," a court heard yesterday. A forensic doctor at Dubai police told the Dubai Court of First Instance that the medical examination of a 42-year-old Chinese rape victim, identified as S.N., showed some wounds and sperm traces.

"These are considered evidence which are insufficient to confirm whether she was subject to any rape or body assault. Besides, the woman had lost her virginity a long time ago," the doctor told the court.

The Public Prosecution had charged 24-year-old Pakistani, M.I., Omani national, J.G., and Iranian national, Y.D., both 19, with kidnapping the female victim, identified as S.N., after forcing her into a car, driving off to an unlit area and gang-raping her. The trio were also charged with breaching the woman's privacy after recording the rape on their cell phones and theft.

"The woman sustained head and arm injuries. The medical examination showed that she had injuries and different traces in her private parts which came subsequent to the rape claim. However, it is not possible to confirm whether she was raped or not," said the doctor.

Good Doctor, God forbid your own mother or wife ever undergo a similar trauma and have her case not taken seriously because she had lost her virginity a long time ago. God forbid your daughter ever find herself without a good father, husband, or job, a victim of human trafficking, forced to turn tricks to make ends meet with no legal or financial recourse and no means of escape. I can only pray that should your daughter find herself in this predicament that her clients would always be kind enough to use protection, lest your grandchild be born HIV positive.

Every victim of a crime, regardless of race, profession, or circumstance, deserves a fair review of their case.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it would have been any different if she'd been white either Suburban... What's even worse is the press report this like it's normal.

What was the verdict? I mean, the Dr. was a prosecution witness!
I guess the lesson is don't be female in UAE.

But how much of this goes on in Oman? And why do they use these stupid initials, even after conviction?


rohana said...

Aren't you supposed to have few witnesses before declaring that a woman is a virgin or not? I would not agree with Anonymous's comment - "I'm not sure it would have been any different if she'd been white either Suburban" . A yemeni man told me that indians are considered low class n his country. There you go, out of the horse's mouth! Brown skinned ppl r considered inferior, especially becoz they are normally poor in gulf states, and do jobs that richer denizens of gulf states wouldn't dream of. recently in india, there was a ruling by the courts that women who claim to have been raped must be given the fairest of justice and that their word is sufficient as primary evidence. its important to change societal trends - that mindset that women are the cause of men raping them.
thank you. i liked the post.

Sous said...

Yes good post. And what effing relevance does it have whether she was a virgin or not? Unfortunately laws on rape are sick all over the world. The Swedes who claim to be one of the most equal countries (between the sexes) in the world have some serious twisted laws and verdicts in rape cases. Sometimes I can see paralells between Swedish rape verdicts and Saudi ones and isn't that surprising?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right sous.
Read in the UK telegraph a couple of days ago that conviction rates for reported rapes in the UK is just 5%. 1 in 20.

And that's just for those reported. Women can certainly expect precious little support from the law even when the law in in their favour in theory...

Partly this is because there are usually no witnesses, and partly because juries draw the conclusion that if a woman places herself in a situation where it can happen, she should have known she was taking a risk that something could happen that no-one could do anything about.

So, in the end it comes down to the fact that women have to protect themselves and can't expect protection from the law.


Anonymous said...

Ya, you definitely don't get good treatment in any country. I'm from Canada, and the detective who was on my case did not do a single thing for almost three months. He didn't even request the evidence I had taken from the hospital. If he hadn't had an accident, and a female detective be put on the case, the physical evidence would have been destroyed, since the hospital only stores it three months. Apparently he just thought of me as some stupid, drunken university girl.
The female detective is ok, though she did tell me (mistakenly I hope) that she doesn't think my rapist is actually a bad person, just someone who was drunk and made a mistake.
It's nice to know we have these kinds of people out there to look after us once we decide to take a stand. Obviously he's getting more sympathy than me.
You'd think that the police in Toronto would maybe have a little more tact.
No wonder women don't report, it only depresses you more!