Monday, February 12, 2007

Near Death Experience # 10242

We all almost got killed last night on the Al Khuwair flyover by some guy from Dubai. This is Unique because usually my near death experiences involve local drivers.

Actually, I think we would have been fine since our car is like a giant rolling brick. Had it not been for Suburban spouses' Cat-like reflexes this guy's Mercedes would have bounced off our quarter panel, spun, smashed into the barrier and (one can only hope) ignited, Creating the popular Khaleeji Kabob. Traffic would have been backed up for miles!

When we passed this guy about thirty seconds later I realised why he didn't see us and wasn't paying attention. The rear window and all four side windows were blacked out with dark, dark, dark tint, and when I looked through the front window as we passed, he was on the phone.

Dear Dubai F36669,

What in god's name were you thinking, taking the left hand exit off the flyover and then swerving back over at the last minute, narrowly missing the concrete splitter? You were less than a foot from the concrete. How on earth could you not have noticed the enormous, Loud, Hulking car in the lanes you decided to swerve into? Do you have no desire to return safely home to your children / family? Do you really have such faith in the almighty that you believe he will swoop in and save you from your own stupidity? Perhaps so, because it took nothing less than an act of god for us to avoid your careening, astonishing, last minute change of direction.

I can't speak for Allah, but I'll tell you what bud. If it were me, I'd let your careless and negligent self get wiped off the road. Un-tint your blacked out windows, hang up the phone, and drive.


Suburban Muscat Family


Anonymous said...

Glad you're still alive Suburban!

It's at times like those that I'm always filled with the desire for a more 'military spec' car - you know, rocket launcher/integral front [and rear!] machine guns,...


samuraisam said...

According to the Dubai Police etraffic fine checking thingy the person in question has 3700 AED in fines (almost exactly 1000 USD).

You can check his fines by going to