Monday, March 5, 2007

Get off Ya Butt...

Muscat Private is Organising a Blood Drive Tomorrow.

9am-4pm call 9941-2588 to register.

Get off your butt, Save a life, feel real good, and enjoy some free cookies.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I lack Compassion...

My entery below is somewhat harsh, and lacking comapssion. That's the sort of person I am, and perhaps something I should endevour to change. However, I didn't start this blog to win a popularity contest, so I'll leave the post as it is for the moment.

If any of you would like to read a Blog entry on the Quad bike matter that comes from a person who exhibits compassion and diplomacy in equal measure, I ancourage you to go visit Amjad's Blog here:

Amjad, I am certain that Allah is smiling on you today. Thank you for sharing viewpoint that is different from, and significantly more enlightened my own.

Run from the police, deal with the consequences.

In regard to the Last weekend's deaths of the Quad biking kiddies following a chase with the ROP-

Let me preface this comment by saying that I love quadbiking, mororcycles, and cars. There is not greater passion (after my husband and daughter) in my life than the love I have for motorsport.

What the hell are the quad bikers doing tearing around in neighbourhoods when we have a country blessed with sand dunes and dirt roads just made for quad biking? The bausher dunes are no more than fifteen minutes from anywhere in central muscat. It's not like this in NYC or London and there is no where else available for them to ride.

We've got kids and teens on quadbikes racing up and down the streets here in our neighbourhood. They are a nusance because of the noise and the danger they pose to the hundreds of small children playing in the streets and empty lots. Despite requests from the entire neighbourhood, they have consistently exibited a disregard for the needs of anyone but themselves. I am ashamed to admit it, but when I heard about this yesterday I was secretly hoping it was the ones on my block who died.

The story as I heard it, was that they were caught freewheeling by the ROP, who tried to confront them to stop. On seeing the ROP they tried to escape, eventually running through an intersection, and being crushed by a vahicle that had the right of way and didn't see them coming. As much as I grieve for the parents, it seems that these guys suffered the consequences of thier own actions.
  • Freewheeling where they shouldn't,
  • Running from the police,
  • endangering the lives of others in the course of the chase.

Unforgivably selfish actions. I feel the saddest for whomever was driving the car that hit them, he or she will have to live with the image for the rest of thier lives.

I've said this before, and I"ll keep saying it until someone listens;
  1. We need the Auto Club or an independant investor to create an environment for motorsport here in the SUltanate. A Drag strip, A track, space for quad biking, and the oppertunity to train drivers and bikers on racing techniques. A controlled, designated place for the kids and the adults to race.
  2. We need better driver education. Any Idiot with a lisence can instruct drivers here, and that's not on.
  3. Then the ROP needs a Zero-tolerance policy to racing and quadbiking in the neighbourhoods. You get Caught, your vehicle is impounded on the spot, your driving lisence revoked, and you can spend the night in Jail.

more from here as it happens

Saturday, March 3, 2007

God Rock

Omani's who went to college in Texas might recognise some of the music that's made it's way into the Oman FM playlist recently. That's right, those Jesus Lovin' folks at the Ministry of Information are treating us to the latest in Christan rock, christian techno and christian country hits. Someone out there correct me if I"m wrong about this, but I'm 99% sure that that's what it is.

Does this indicate a change in the laws regarding proselytising, or is nobody there even fluent enough in English to recognise it? My guess is that they don't have to pay licencing for music that nobody in to listen to. I have yet to hear any outright references to "Jesus Christ, our only lord and savior" so clearly someone is keeping the really obvious stuff off the air.

I'm not complaining about the Christian-ness of it; it's fairly moral music which is more in keeping with the morals and values here than say, 50 cent or Eminem. But I thought that after high school, when I moved back here, I could say goodbye forever to the evangelical Christians and thier God-rock radio stations.

Still, I guess anything is better than the Phone-in recipe hour, Phone in radio-telphone feedback nights or "Press releases read verbatim by someone who can't pronounce most of the english language every afternoon drivetime show"

That's it from here for today, thanks to everybody who commented this last week, it really makes my day when people comment.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Where is your labor card?

Some friends of ours got us tickets to the Canadian Stampede that happened last night at the PDO beach club. We went, we ate, we got our pictures taken riding the giant Paper Mache' bull, and we attampted to line dance. There was a lot of security, like security everywhere, uniformed and plainclothes.

I think there must have been 800 people there, that would make the stampede The. Social. Gala. Event. Of. The. Year.... There were a lot of local guys, who made a dashing picture in dark colored dishdashas, handkerchief knotted round thier necks, sandals and cowboy hats. It was a scream. we had a fabulous time.

Being responsible, we arranged for Khalifa "faster than an english train" taxi to pick us up after and (somewhat) safely deliver us and a few other friends home. Here is where the night gets interesting. The ROP had set up a checkpoint ON CAMP and were checking the trunks of cars and Id's of passengers going in and out. Our van got pulled aside for a further extra special inspection- and the ROP guy started hassling us for our driver's lisences. The men managed to produce PDO member's cards, and we received a stern dressing down from ROP man about how we need to carry the Labor cards on us AT ALL TIMES.

Which is a little bit weird. Perhaps there's been some sort of sneaky mass illegal immigration of overweight, 50ish, balding, white men with post graduate degrees? The men were well and truly pissed off, clearly they have forgotten that we are not residing in a free country. You want freedom, go to America.

SO here's a couple of theories that we're floating. Let me know which one you think is an accurate protrayal of what's happening:
  1. It's high time to remind people about the regulations concerning drunken driving.
  2. It's high time to crack down on taxi's. It's much safer to drive after drinking instead.
  3. Someone high up at the ROP sent these guys out, and told them to hassle folks. Not wanting to actually arrest anyone, it was best for them to hassle those who were doing the right thing, while letting those who were not, proceed home unmolested.
  4. There is a real and present security risk at an event with 800 or so white floks, mostly from North America. What with the iranian consul trying to compile a list of all the Americans in the sultanate (for real) and who knows what other security risks, it was timely and appropriate to search cars and ensure everybody was who they claimed to be.
  5. all of the above...

Let me know your thoughts.