Saturday, March 3, 2007

God Rock

Omani's who went to college in Texas might recognise some of the music that's made it's way into the Oman FM playlist recently. That's right, those Jesus Lovin' folks at the Ministry of Information are treating us to the latest in Christan rock, christian techno and christian country hits. Someone out there correct me if I"m wrong about this, but I'm 99% sure that that's what it is.

Does this indicate a change in the laws regarding proselytising, or is nobody there even fluent enough in English to recognise it? My guess is that they don't have to pay licencing for music that nobody in to listen to. I have yet to hear any outright references to "Jesus Christ, our only lord and savior" so clearly someone is keeping the really obvious stuff off the air.

I'm not complaining about the Christian-ness of it; it's fairly moral music which is more in keeping with the morals and values here than say, 50 cent or Eminem. But I thought that after high school, when I moved back here, I could say goodbye forever to the evangelical Christians and thier God-rock radio stations.

Still, I guess anything is better than the Phone-in recipe hour, Phone in radio-telphone feedback nights or "Press releases read verbatim by someone who can't pronounce most of the english language every afternoon drivetime show"

That's it from here for today, thanks to everybody who commented this last week, it really makes my day when people comment.


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation Suburban.

Hard to believe the powers that be actually realise it's Christian rock! [and what a contradiction in terms - the devil still has the best music, lets face it]

Oman FM also seemed to go through a phase a couple of months ago of playing stuff 'not recorded by the original artists', mostly pretty bad covers, and still announced as if it was the original. I can only agree that it smells like a way to shave a few bucks off the costs, else why do it? Maybe before the trade agreement with the US and joining the WTO they weren't paying any copywrite fees?


muscati said...

I went to a fashion show the other night which benefited Al Amana House. Once the show started I came to realize that Al Amana House is an affiliate of the protestant church in Oman. Did all the sponsors know that by sponsoring the event they were giving money to a Christian missionary organization? I doubt it. Stupid is as stupid does, I guess. Just like the people running the FM station not listening to what their DJs are playing. It's stupid of a radio station to let its DJs choose their own music. But then again, that's just one stupid thing in Oman.