Sunday, March 4, 2007

I lack Compassion...

My entery below is somewhat harsh, and lacking comapssion. That's the sort of person I am, and perhaps something I should endevour to change. However, I didn't start this blog to win a popularity contest, so I'll leave the post as it is for the moment.

If any of you would like to read a Blog entry on the Quad bike matter that comes from a person who exhibits compassion and diplomacy in equal measure, I ancourage you to go visit Amjad's Blog here:

Amjad, I am certain that Allah is smiling on you today. Thank you for sharing viewpoint that is different from, and significantly more enlightened my own.


Balqis said...

Many of us would have made a comment like yours in Amjad blog but in different circumstances
Those boys and their families are known in our community, that's why you sounded bit out of order

Suburban said...

Cheers Balqis, love your blog by the way.

I thought Amjad deserved props for an enlightened and kinder viewpoint. Such wisdom and empathy at such a young age, he'll go far. I aspire to be someone who thinks like that, and inshallah, I'll get there someday.

For Better or worse... As un-politically correct as my comments and feelings are, or as well known as the famalies are, It's still a tragic and foolish way to die.

How heart breaking for any parents and famalies, regardless of their status within the community. It would be no less tragic had it been a child in wadi tiwi, or an expatriate child in Ruwi.

Kiwi from Tiwi said...

One can only hope that others learn a lesson from this, and who knows, perhaps in future this will lead to the lives of young kids being saved.

But in this case its hardly a trajedy, its not like they were killed walking under a tree that collapsed, or contracted a fatal illness - they were active participants and collaberators in their own demise. Killed by their own arrogance and willingness to think obout no-one but themselves. They didn't consider the risks they were subjecting small children too, the other traffic, the impact on their parents, the law or the people charged with enforcing the law.

I think that's where Suburban's lack of sympathy comes from: the accident was a direct and foreseeable consequence of their own decisions. And thank goodness it was them who died and not some innocent little kid who got in their way.