Saturday, May 19, 2007

Glorious Peace… I’ve been on a bit of a Blogging Hiatus, due mostly to my profound apathy and lack of time management skills. Suburban spouse must wonder what the hell I do with my days if I can’t seem to get dinner on the table or a single blog entry written. We have hot and cold running staff; I am now, finally, fabulously, unemployed (Yesssss!!!!) and the in-law invasion ended more than two weeks ago. Like, Get it together woman…

I’m working on a post regarding the mandatory minimum wage for Omanis in the private sector. I need to do some more research before I go shooting my mouth off on that issue.

Also in my sights are the often badly researched, “opinion” pieces written by Essa Al Zadjali of the Times of Oman. He has it coming from me after his recent editorial on Wadi Kabir and the expatriate economic influence therein. Expatriate monopoly driving prices my ass…. How about the Bahwan / OTE/ Zubair cartel that have exclusive rights to new spare parts? I know Wadi Kabir better than your average Joe given the wide variety of aged, obscure, and barely / semi working vehicles in the possession of the Suburban Family.

But the thing that’s really gotten up my nose is Oman FM… again. If anybody from there is reading this, Please, for the love of god, for the sake of my sanity, and in the name of proper grammar and pronunciation, can we stop with the Windows on Oman Show? Last week, I listened to an hours' programme read in a vapid monotone that I think was about the roundabouts in Salalah. How many, what they depict, how many workers and gallons of paint it takes to maintain them annually, etc...

Boys and girls, Enough. If we can't think of any thing better to tell the world about Oman than the number of gold coffee pots surrounding the central gold coffee pot at R/A # 23277430 in Qantab then we're really not looking properly at the magnificence that Oman really has to offer. Also, to broadcast this in Oman, it's like preaching to the converted. We all live here, we know it's wonderful.

I've given up hope of an independent radio station setting up here, but Oman FM? are you listening? Please Just Play Music. In the meantime, I"m going to find my I-pod broadcast thingy and just listen to my own tunes. So take that. Hmmph...


Blue Chi said...

Glad to see the update and looking forward to the minimum wage post.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, welcome back to the land of the bloggers Suburban. You've been missed!

I always have this picture in my mind of the poor and probably long suffering Oman FM engineers, sitting behind the booth, and just rolling their eyes at the totally bland bullshit they have to pump out. Hopefully they are exiting DJs/sound engineers in their own spare time.

It's real 'please go to sleep while I read very slowly and in very mangled english what I
a)just downloaded from google
b)read in the paper this morning
c)got send from a PR company

and in between sentences, Ahmed will play mind numbingly boring drum and base for 15 seconds, to pad this crap out to last the 15 mins I've been allocated.

Who is controlling this? Who is paying for this? AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG. I'd rather they just left on the light classical muzak...

thank goodness for CDs and MP3


Amjad said...

It has been a very long time. It's nice to see an update from you.

Suburban said...

Thanks, It's good to be back guys! My wireless modem has been down off and on for a while so internet has been courtesy of Um and Abu Suburban. I wish Nawras could figure out what's wrong with it a little faster but I'm still elated to be able to aviod giving one red cent to omantel.

Blu Chi- minimum wage post forhtcoming tomorrow or tonight inshallah... Though accurate research has been tougher than expected.

Amjad- Congratulations on graduating, and well done mate.

JP- WIth the new launch of Hala fm, hopefully things will take a turn for the better on the music front. Nothing like a little healthy competition. thanks for stopping by!