Sunday, May 27, 2007

I must express my undying love to you…..

I must express my undying love to you…..

In honour of eight great years of bringing joy, customer service, Lebanese veggies and six types of Tabasco sauce to the consumers of Muscat. Sultan Center, I love you.

How do I love the? Let me count the ways,

I love you, first and foremost for the totally awesome guys at the fish counter. They exhibit fantastic customer service while being funny, cute, hard working, and Omani.

I love you because I can purchase Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars on the second floor

I love the amazing variety of things you stock, things I can find nowhere else in Oman.

I love the idea of your ‘Just Ask’ service. I’m going to see if you can find some car parts for me next week.

I love that your staff are friendly and hardworking, delighted to help me find what I’m looking for and answer my questions. Oh my god, it’s such a treat to find retail employees with brains.

I love how all your merchandise usually has a tag on it, and matches what is in the computer, so I never have to wait around while you run to find a lost barcode. Because that reeeeally drives me crazy.

On the one occasion when something didn’t scan, you asked me how much it cost and rang it up. You trusted me, your regular customer. Thanks for that.

I love your weekend breakfast buffet.

I love the American spelling of Center. We don’t need no stinking Silent E’s

I love how I cannot get through a single shopping trip without one of your staff swooping upon my baby and cuddling her. We have a framed photo of the fish boys, clad in plastic aprons, standing behind a mountain of fish, holding my happy, wiggling baby.

I love that your staff are happy. Happy staff makes Happy customers.

I love your fresh produce, excellent cuts of meat, and ability to order speciality meats for me from anywhere I want. Dry aged, corn fed, Black Angus rump? You can and will get it for me.

I love that you seem to have a working, practical and efficient Omanisation policy. You are creating happy, lifelong workers and providers.

In conclusion, Sultan Center is one of the few great examples of a business that really, truly, works. Inventory rotation, Staff satisfaction, Omanisation, Customer service. Lulu, Carrefour, and the rest have a long way to go before they have a hope of getting my business.

Tune in next week for why I love the Chevrolet / Hummer Service Department at OTE in Ghala. I love those guys.


muscati said...

I love The Sultan Center, especially now they also sell Trident gum and my wife can get her Reeses fix, except they still don't have her fave Reeses Pieces. I'm still not over my disappointment with them since they stopped bringing Butterfingers and Baby Ruth (which I think was 7 years ago). And even more when they recently stopped keeping Dr. Pepper on permanent supply.

Gotta love any place that keeps our favorite American products in supply. Though I gotta admit that ever since I spent a year in Glasgow, I'm now desperate for Diet Irn Bru which no one sells ever since Al Fair stopped being the Omani Anglophile's one stop shop for all things British.

PS. nice to have you back blogging.

Suburban said...

Oh my god, yes, Reeses Pieces. Irn Bru... (what the hell is in that? Bubble gum extract?) and A&W root beer. Heaven in a can. Thanks for reminding me.

two years ago we purchased an enormous deep freeze, in part because of my passion for dehydrated penut butter containing candies, and unrequited love for butterball turkey. Pathetic? You be the judge.

I may still have some of the 10 bags of baby butterfinger bars I bought last year. If so, I'll mail a few to the ESO C/O Muscati.

loved your post on gulf air a while back. particularly where you pointed out that Oman't representatives on the Board are all government whereas Bahrain's reps are all people with Actual. Business. Experience. good that we have folks like you to point that sort of thing out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back Suburban!

I agree Sultan Center IS great. Now if only they could add a pork room and get some of those fantastic spare ribs, bacon, and nice Italian saugage... Hmmmm. They would also then make even more money from me, 'cos then I wouldn't ever have to go to Al Fair!


Suburban said...

JP- it might scare the more devout away, but it's a good idea.

While they are at it maybe they could sequester the more offensive magazines(GQ, Maxim, Vogue)in there. Then the black marker brigade could leave the nipples and bikini lines alone, and the folks who don't want to see women undressed would be spared.

My husband suggests that the room be screened off with a beaded curtain to make it feel extra naughty. they could fill the room with inflatable pig-shaped beach toys, and paint the walls pink. Like a shrine to all things pork.

hedoorientia said...

Sounds like a true heaven. I'm sure I'll be dying to find out where Sultan Center is when I've been in Riyadh for a few months..! :D I'll get in touch then....