Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where are my panties?

not the sort of question I usually find myself asking... but Suburban spouse ordered me some gorgeous girl apparel and a few new swim suits like three weeks ago and they still have not arrived.

These things I know,
  • I know that my enormous order from Victoria's Secret ( links to an online lingerie store. You have been warned) shipped more than two weeks ago.
  • It usually takes less then four days to arrive, since we pay for express shipping.
  • It must be here, in Oman. perhaps with customs, or perhaps with the post office.
  • I am haunted by nightmares of my order arriving having been previously worn by hairy staff at customs at customs. As I gleefully open the package containing the new bras bunches of curly, icky, black chest hairs fall out and float gently to the floor. This is keeping me awake at night.
Oman post, customs authorities, and UPS, Please can I have my shipment?

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Blue Chi said...

If a package comes through the regular post, I think that get a letter in your PO Box, you have to take it to some desk there and they will open the package in front of you to check what's in it, you sign and take your stuff.