Saturday, June 23, 2007

Buy a New Washing Machine From E-Max and Get Harassment and Initmidation at no Extra Charge!

I have edited this post because Emax and thier suppliers have resolved the situation for me and are taking good steps to make sure that they improve thier customer service.

The situation with the delivery was largely a case of Force Merjure, caused by the storm, Problematic laws, and missing employees.

The guys who caused so much trouble have been removed from the company they worked for, and are likely to be on thier way back to thier home country shortly.

Emax is on probation in my books. Upper management genuinely wants to fix the problems that many of us have experienced. Time will tell if the management on the ground can pull it together.

Many, Many, Many thanks to everybody who posted suggestions and complaints here and linked to the post. It made a big difference in how seriously they took my complaints, and how hard they will work to fix them.

I'm interested to see how they do.


Blue Chi said...

Crazy experience for sure. I linked to your post from GV's website in my latest post about Oman.

muscati said...

I've yet to hear a single positive experience from anyone shopping at Emax. I'm about to move into my new house in August. I'm gonna need to buy all my appliances, electricals, TVs, etc. And I am definitely not going to buy anything from them, even though being a one-stop electronics superstore, Emax should be the first place I look.

It's crazy for the Landmark Group to be putting up with this kind of bad word of mouth. I think since manager here in Oman refused to take your call you should escalate the matter by emailing their head office in Dubai:

Suburban said...

Muscati, thanks for the link to the head office. I'm following up and I'll keep you all posted on how this goes.

Blue Chi, Thanks for the link.

ANybody from E-max, I'd be delighted to publish your response to this as your side desirves a fair hearing as well. Feel free to call me to clarify, you've got my number.

Anonymous said...

Totally bizarre Suburban! I really believed the 'I grabbed a knife...' part too for a split second. Great image.

Hope the washing machine is now working!


Anonymous said...

I am shocked by the behavior of the Emax personnel which was totally unforgivable. When they asked you for whisky, you should have called the police.

I am equally shocked by your comment ''I am a fairly lenient person when it comes to cultural differences. '' Honey, you need to be more than fairly lenient - you have to accept and respect cultural differences. Remeber, if the Omanis were less lenient about cultural differences, you would not be having such a good time here.

Suburban said...


Yeah, because the asking for whiskey was the unforgivable part???... To be honest, the thing that bothered me the most was the unsolicited arm stroking and leering.

Regardless of where they are from and regardless of thier (innacurrate) assumptions about where I'm from, there is nowhere in the world where a delivery guy would touch an unknown woman like that and it would be considered acceptable.

Maybe I should have said that I am extrardinarily lenient when it comes to cultural differences... as my very multicultural family and friends will attest. But I don't think this was an inocent cultural misunderstanding... I think these actions were deliberate, and planned.

That said, I'd be only too delighted to have emax call me and explain that it was a sincere mistake, that the guys thought they knew me from some other work. That they were just totally shocked at the state of my house, and at the state of me, dirty as I was. That they were fresh off the boat and hadn't received a briefing regarding the do's and donts of customer service. Which was the point of that paragraph.

Suburban said...

So I've left a lenthy note of feedback on the landmark group's Website. I sisn't use any five leter words, and I toned down the sarcasam a lot. I'm really interested to hear what they have to say.

I'm also pretty astonished that this is the same company the owns home center. I love the home center delivery guys. They are usually prompt, speak either arabic or english fluently, are always courtious, full of jokes and good humour. They are, for the most part exactly the kind of strangers I don't mind having in my house.


muscati said...

Question: Was the delivery direct from Emax, or was it direct from the dealer?

I was telling someone about your story today and he told me that when he bought a Panasonic freezer from Emax, he was surprised that it was delivered to him directly by Omasco. It's the same with Lulu, they only sell the items and then arrange with the agent/distributor to deliver it.