Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Emax Issues Resolved and Clarified.

I don't have the time to provide a full explination today, and I'm sorry for that. Tomorrow morning I'll update with something more significant. WHen I do, I would ask that those of you who were kind enough to link to the original post would link to the explanitory post as well to allow others to make up thier own minds.

Emax and the landmark group as well as the Electrolux distributors met with me this morning. They provided clear, concise explinations for the situation as well as describing the steps they are taking to prevent this situation from happening again to any of you.

I am very satisfied with the results and with thier plan of action to improve communication within the store, Landmark Group, and betwen the group and the suppliers.

I gave them the link here, so they can explain in thier own words as well should they choose to do so. Blue-Chi, I reccomended that they visit your site as well so they can speak to you.

Muscati, thanks for reccomending that I speak to the head office, it was a key step to resolving this issue.

I will post a full explination of our meeting and the circumstances leading up to my unpleasant experience here tomorrow. Hopefully Emax will also take the time to speak here.

I should add that they kindly offered me many nice free things which I declined on the grounds that it would be unethical. I hope they can give those things and the store credit to someone less fortunate than we are.




Blue Chi said...

It will be really interesting to hear the explanation. I will post another link to the explanatory post once you have it out.

Amjad said...

Glad to hear that.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I am glad that everything was resolved to your satisfactory but I am still curious to find out the details about how that happened in the progress.

If and when you have the time, could you email me the link to your explanatory post?