Thursday, June 28, 2007

Emax makes me happy.

So here's the deal.

As Muscati suggested, The Washing machine was Delivered by the supplier, in this case Al Gurg LLC also known as Better Life appliances. I spoke to Al Gurg directly and thier handling of everything was superb. They oppologised, they fixed the situation right that minute, and they called back and told me what they had done about it and how they would prevent it in the future.

the explination: Ordinarily, the supplier usues two big trucks to make thier deliveries around Muscat, however the drivers for these trucks had not returned to work since the storm. Because Indians and Pakistnis are not allowed to drive trucks of that size, the trucks were garaged and the company hired a few ittinerrant workers with pickups to assist with deliveries. It was these ittinerrant workers who gave me all the hassle. not Emax employees, not Al Gurg employees

Landmark and Al Gurg say they have never had a complaint of this nature in the history of thier business operations here. I belive that, in part because in my entire life I've only had one other similar experience.

My mother always says that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that no good deed goes unpunished. This is sort of the case here, where a law abiding couple of companies are trying to find ways to meet customer demand.

There are a couple of learnings here for both companies.

the mistake: One mistake here was to take two random workers and send them off into the homes of customers without any sort of training or knowlege of what kind of people they were

Solution: In the future, Al Gurg and all of Emax's other suppliers will not use untrusted or unproven workers for those sort of tasks. Emax and thier suppliers will try to communicate better regading what is an acheivable timeline for delivery, preventing Emax from making promises that the suppliers can't possibly fulfill.

the Mistake: The second mistake (and the one the pissed me off the most) was the lack of a response from Emax when I made the initial complaint. The complaint apparently stayed with the person I spoke to and maybe her manager. It never worked it's way up the food chain to higher management, and if middle management heard about it, they clearly were not concerned enough to call me back and tell me what they planed to do about it.

Solution: The empolyee who took my call has been coached, and management is developing some better guidelines for employees. Upper management is also looking into why the complaints that Emax receives don't make it up to them. Again, better communication between the employees, management, and the head office. This may entail a shift in the culture of the store so employees are rewarded for solving problems and for bringing them to the attention of management.

the mistake: the employee who sold me the washer got high marks for enthusisam but low marks for product knowlege, almost convincong me to buy a washer that didn't actually have the features I asked about.

solution: the guy had only been with the company 18 days and was still a "trainee". They are looking at thier training procedures, and how to make the issues relevent to a consumer more relevant to the sales staff. like, why it's inportant to know if a washer heats water by itself or if it needs a seperate hot water inlet. if the salesman is a bachelor who ususally washes his clothes in a simple cool-water washer, it's hard to relate to my need for a washer with an internal heater.

the problem: the highest levels of management were genuinely astounded to come here and read so much bad feedback from the public. I don't think they had any idea that customers were so unhappy with the customer service at emax. Because the complaints were never getting up to them.

the solution: If you guys have a problem with Emax customer service in the future, and you first try to solve it through the staff and management in store, then call Vineet or one of his deputies at the head office and let them know about your experience. I publish below an email from the head office to you guys, who shared your feedback in the comments section of the original post.

Vineet is on leave for the next couple of weeks, in the interimn you can contact his deputy M u r t u z a Z a k i-Store ManagerEmax +968 95756078

Dear Customer,

Hi ! I represent E Max in Oman taking care of Country Operations.

First of all I would like to sincerely thank you for your sincere and honest
feedback and initiative you have taken to apprise us of our shortcomings in the
area of customer service.We have taken your feedback very seriously and have
already started working on training our staff to offer a better quality of service which our customers so rightfully deserve. Please feel free to call me anytime on my
mobile number 92880615 directly .

I sincerely apologise and regret inconvenience caused to you as well as your other friends.Through this mail I would like to reach out to them as well and urge and humbly request to give us one more chance.



Retail Manager -
Country Operations, OmanMax Electronics - Landmark


Modee said...

jolly good
i loved the store
but the people working there were pretty hopeless
and when i read your post i said i wouldnt go there again
but this positive feedback from higher management is encouraging me to give them a second chance and shop their again

Suburban said...

cheers Modee, and thanks for stopping by. I'm happy with the solution and now understand how the problem happened. Let's see how they do.