Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love you like a...

Whenever my husband signs off on a text to me he finishes it off by saying love you like a fat kid love cake, or love you like Kim Jong Ill loves weapons grade plutonium. And so on. But he really killed me the other day when he sent this text.

Love You Like a Muscat Princess Loves Handicapped Parking xox

And that, my friends, is a whole lotta of love....


Anonymous said...

Nice one Sub'. Almost too cutsie.

You could start a whole list of this theme... "...more than a Saudi Prince loves a night in a Bahrain girly bar.."

I'd like to agree with Blue Chi - your blog is so refreshing Suburban. Brilliant. It never fails to offer a new insight or give me a laugh.


hedoorientia said...

Lucky girl! :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe it should have read, just to avoid the mundane generalising quite common to this blog..

love you like a prat from any background loves handicapped parking

Anonymous said...

Just to balance the above comment Suburban, I quite like the generalising and I don't find it mundane - plus it's a lot funnier than being politically correct all the time.

Maybe you need to keep a running track of implied insults & compliments to be sure you don't inadvertently pick on one group too much, no matter how much you may think they deserve it?
IE, so far you've got:
-Muscat Princesses
-Emax delivery men
-Lulu Shoppers
-PDO Staff
-German Car Makers
-Oman FM
-Omani Divorcees [male]
-A guy who thinks breast-feeding women should stay at home 24/7

I'd suggest Sub', to even the scoring out, you might want to add a few insults in future to include:
- 'uptight female pedants with a stick up their butt and no sense of humour'
- WASP men
- Print media
- Japanese Car manufacturers...
The list goes on.


Suburban said...

Thanks JP!

You are so funny, You kill me sometimes.