Monday, June 18, 2007

Misc Storm related thoughts.. in no particular order

  1. The Abu Shenab lives! It's running, and the Spouse drive it to work today. After pouring two years of my life, and most of my husband's life savings into fixing it I was understandably distraught at it's complete immersion. Like, almost suicidal.
  2. Thanks to Salem Al Maskiry from Shuram for the use of the only landcruiser they could get to the day after the storm. You saved us mate.
  3. Thanks also the S and R for the loan of thier spare cars for the next few months while we get our wheels sorted out. I intend to post a car review here shortly.
  4. All the mud is out of our house, Yard, and carpark.
  5. Most of the furniture survived, primarily because it was either leather or distressed wood. The wooden pieces just look (a lot) more distressed now. The sofas small a little funny.
  6. By and large, we are a nation of assholes. The attitudes of others in the run up to and aftermath of the storm leaves me unimpressed.
  7. The whole experience with people in the shops, on the roads, and around the neighbourhood has been really, really damaging to my belief that people are fundamentally good. I'll work on a post about a few of these experiences at a later date.
  8. I sort of like the Chevrolet service experience, Those guys are really nice, and they care about my rig, even though it's a total P.O.S. and difficult to work on. I'll take them over Toyota service any day.
  9. I sort of dislike the Chevrolet experience because it takes about a year to find anyone who is working there to look at the car. Even when it's just a regular service. It's like a twilight Zone episode where the rest of the world has just disappeared. I offered to help them man the desk there while they work through the storm damage (for free) and they laughed. WTF?
  10. The garage closer to my house seemed receptive whan I asked for job. I am already tired of unemployment so I'll pursue that further.
  11. Thank you Dubai, for sending down the pumps and hoses to drain the lake that used to be my neighborhood.
  12. Thank you Colonel Abdullah of the ROP for providing what information you could during the course of the storm.

That's it for now. more when I think of it. When I figure out how to post photos later I'll show a few of the cars slowly sinking in our yard, and a few of the (totally futile) attempts to make them live again. Oh how you will laugh!

hope all of you are doing well.



Anonymous said...

Glad your world is getting back to normal Suburban.

I agree with your observations on the behaviour - the usually already crap driving really became everyman for himself, slip roads became just another lane. I so HATE those bastards who actually pull off the lane they are in, move [usually at high speed] into a merge lane or the slip lane to skip a few cars ahead, and then force their way back into the lane, usually picking a truck they know has to stop because its being driven by some poor expat slave.

Can the Immams not point out how doing this is stealing time from all the other drivers? Isn't this sort of behaviour harram?

OK. Blood pressure now reducing...

Look forward to the photos. :-)


Suburban said...


I hate those guys too. If I ever get my big truck back from the shop I think I'll spend most of my spare time running them off the roads... or waiting for them to catch up to me and then pulling out in front at the last minute. I'd love to see the looks on thier faces as they realise they're about to kiss steel.

Is that sick, or just assisting in the evolution of the species?