Monday, June 18, 2007

Sultan Center is Open!!!

Can I have an Al-Humdililah? thank you.

I was so happy I hugged the fish boys. They were very embarrassed and now think I am even crazier than they had imagined.

Good bye Lulu and your zoo-like, third-world, disorganised and useless store.

Lulu... Where the (whole entire population of the goddamn) world comes to shop( all at once).


Luisa aka Balqis said...

no why i like lulu

Anonymous said...

third world - disorganized and useless?? so which world are u from? probably outer space

Suburban said...

Yeah anon, just call me Marvin. You seem like the type who would fit right in there sweetheart.

I am working on a blog entery about my many less-than-satisfactory-experiences at LuLu. when I get it posted you can decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Don't defame something so publicly without giving reasons, that just isn't right.

Overcrowding is not something LuLu itself can essentially control. And why are there crowds in the first place.. because the majority of the citizens prefer to shop there?! PERHAPS

Suburban said...


like I said, I'm working on a blog entery about Lulu. Defame is a pretty strong word, it's not like I'm burning the national flag or pissing on someone else's religous texts.

What's with all the hate? Start your own blog and tell the world why you Love Lulu. You could even call it "I love Lulu"

Get it? Like I love Lucy?... I kill me sometimes.