Saturday, June 30, 2007

This week's random thoughts whinging

  • The other night we watched a Nicholas Cage flick called the Wicker Man. It's the best movie I've seen in ages, despite it scaring the heck out of me. Not reccomended for younger viewers.
  • Chevrolet still hasn't got around to giving me an estimate on my car. I hear nothing today I'm bringing it home in a midnight heist. Learning to fix the thing myself will be good education.
  • on a similar vein... So I gave my resume to this local company thinking they would give me some sort of unpaid apprenticeship. We'd had a good meeting, they seemed interested, I am offering to work for free. I've heard nothing. I am a little suprised because my refrences are impeccable and I am insanely overqualified for the kind of thing I wanted to do. Did I blow the wrong manager?
  • Just kidding... Obviously.
  • For about three minutes this weekend we had a spare cat. We had accidentally left one of the doors to the house open and when we came home there were we two cats. One terrified and climbing the walls to try and escape, the other one looking around like 'what's wrong with you? Cat count has returned to one now.
  • Small fast spousal car has returned to our loving home. Has anybody else ever gotten thier car back from the workshop without any fuel in the tank? It's like the fourth time this year that I've had a car run outta gas on the way home from the workshop.
  • The girl hardly slept at all last night or the night before, awakening whiney and irritable (takes after her mom?) at six am. After I had downed about ten cups of coffee this (to prevent infanticide) she fell into a peacefull and deep slumber. She's awake and cheerfull now, and safely under the care of the housemaid so I can take a nap. Except I'm vibrating. I'm wondering if I should have a beer to help me sleep. But it's like ten am. Who drinks at ten am? On a Saturday? Me, possibly.

And that concludes what is possibly the most boring post yet. Sorry about that. I'll do better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'd alway's go for vodka mid-week morning Sub'...

But you'll just end up wired and happy :-)