Saturday, June 9, 2007

We Owned too Much Shit Anyway.

We're Alive, but battered. At a friends house where they have power and internet! Awesome. We were very lucky to lose nothing that can't be replaced, the baby girl is happy, healthy, and seems baffled by all the mud in the house. She's dying to play in it but it smells a lot like untreated sewage. Things in Al Ghubra not so good, but others have it worse.

Our hurricane by the numbers:

Cars written off = All four we think.
Refrigerators floating in the kitchen = 3
spoiled food in pounds = 300
Downstairs furniture soaked= 100%
Bottles of gin consumed =2 and counting
number of times Authourities Cursed for lack of information on the radio =10,222,576,127,441

But we've got everything that really matters. The family.

more in a week or so.



Amjad said...

al7amdullah 3la salamitkom

Anonymous said...


I can still remember Faiq doing the quiz on Wednesday, which was OK I guess, even tho' it was somewhat 'fiddling while Rome burned'-esq. But from when the bad flooding really started happening, no 'emergency broadcast' stuff at all. How hard would it have been to have a pre-recorded set of the sort of instructions you posted earlier? Say, every 20mins?

Glad you're safe. Me too, just lost 'stuff'. And gained a whole new appreciation of mud...


BuJ said...

I'm glad lives and loved ones are safe.

hedoorientia said...

Hurricane? Flooding? Haven't seen the tiniest piece about this in any western newspapers! I am ashamed... and glad you are all fine!

4 cars..? Damn... :)

Suburban said...

THanks everybody!

Yeah Fiddling while rome burned indeed... I hope some lessons were learned from this though perhaps it's too much to hope for.

We're ok, and I can finally get new curtains to replace the horrible ones in my living room. Need to redecorate? Allah Provides...

The Pickup and she small fast car look like they will live, which is a good thing. THe 4x4's may be quite a while... My old "beast" may never see the light of day again. Such is life.

Hedoorienta, THe cyclone got very little coverage in the west. THe kids who are in school there at the moment didn't even know it had happened until we called them a week later. Ha.