Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Love Carfax, I Love Sitemeter,

The first installment of my American Car Export Vin# saga is up today over at the Oman Community Blog It's interesting, in a Buyer Beware sort of way. Go and read it because it scares the hell out of me.

Also, we are test driving the Avalanche I reported on tonight, and taking our carfax report along to see if we can get the price down to what I would expect to pay for a recently flooded car.

I love Site meter. I can see how people got here, What they looked at, and where they went when they left. Google loves me, and sends a lot of traffic here due mostly to my review of the BMW 7 series. Weird huh?

But do you know what the best thing about site meter is? When Cranky, Middle Aged and likely overweight women haunt my blog looking for something to take offense to, leaving touching nasty grams behind in thier wake.... I can see where they are coming from, how they found me, and who they are working for. I can also draw up little theories about what brought them here in the first place.

So, Hello Omantel employees! Glad to know you guys are working so hard.

Hello, US department of state, researching "minimum wage in Oman Min of manpower." You have come to the wrong place guys.

Hello Regular visitor from somewhere I've never heard of in New York. How ever did you find me? I looked at the town your isp says you are from in google Earth and it looks really tranquil. I bet the autmn colors are lovely. I think if we buy property in the states though I will choose New Mexico or Arizona. Not that you care, but hey.

And a very special hello to Cranky Expat lady! Are you in some way threatened that some other woman who can type and speak english with relative fluency might be stepping on your turf as internet know-it-all and cross cultural commentator? And one other thing; Honey, Who is it that logs in everytime shortly after you post, clicking on each topic to check your replies, but with his computer language set to arabic? Whom, exactly are you being a mouthpeice for?

In other news, it's damn hot outside and I have a caffine withdrawl headache that is killing me.

Tune in tomorrow for a Gonu Clean-up story that is 50% true, and 50% fantasy. Hopefully you will laugh.


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Anonymous said...

Ha! I love your blog - I found it around Gonu time and have checked back a couple times since...

I'm a midwestern gal livin' here too - sounds like I live in your neighborhood? (atheiba?)

Pretty freaky though that you can 'see' who is lurking around in your blog - all the way down to seeing their house from Google Earth!?! ::shivers::