Thursday, July 12, 2007

Overheard in Muscat 2

This isn't as good as last week's overheard in Muscat... but no one was very funny this week.

Husband dropping by Shell garage to tidy up borrowed Dahatsu jeep runabout:

Husband: (using compressed air to spray out inside of jeep... plumes of dust and random bolts flying about)
Garage Mechanic: (gesturing to car) You are having too many of these...
Husband: (laughing)
Garage Mechanic: (shaking head in an expression of pity for the crazy man who can't afford anything nice to drive)

At coffee with a freshly arrived European Guy:

Euro Guy: I think it's so sad the way women dress here. Those clothes are repressing women.
Me: I would like to think it takes more than clothes to repress women.
Euro Guy: Oh... So where does one shop for groceries around here?

Maybe we need to cancel the MTV subscription for the Security guys:

Security Guard: Halla! Suburban! Where you have been?
Me: Hi Najeeb, We got flooded in gonu. I've been busy. How are you?
Security Guard: Alhumdulillah, everything is fine. Where is you Cars?
Me: Washed away. I need to find some new wheels. Have you got plans for this weekend?
Security Guard: I am going to my village! I am seeing my mother, and chilling with my bitches.
Me: Okaaaaay... Well I hope you have a good time!

At the dinner table with a young guest:

Husband: This is delicious, I can taste the love.
Me: Thanks babe.
Young Guest: What does love taste like?
Adults around the table: (stunned silence)

Oh my god... How profound are children? Any Answers?


Per Your Request said...

lmao, especially items 3 and 4. Im going to have to revisit this page later on today for another laugh.

Suburban said...


Item #3... I wish I could have better expressed how sweetly he said Chilling with my bitches. It was so, so cute and innocent. Like not thuggish at all.

Anonymous said...

I think the question "What does love taste like" is outstanding. Whether the child realised the deep profoundness of her question or not!

It could be a movie, a book, a series, a philosophy course, a thesis...

For me, love tastes like whatever it is I'd like to eat at the time... sometimes. At other times its bitter sweet, like good dark chocolate, or a fresh taste like cotton candy, or... or...