Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Overheard in muscat this week.

On the phone with my dad-
Dad: Why are you still trying to fix that car, it was never reliable anyway. Sweetheart, you live in real close proximity to Jaguar. Why not just go down there and buy a new Jag?
Me: Yeah dad, but I live in much closer proximity to financial insolvency.

Reading The Week at Starbucks-
My Husband: wow, I've never read a travel review of Amsterdam that didn't mention drugs or sex before!
Me: Omanis don't go to Amsterdam for drugs and sex.
Friend: La, we go to Thailand for that.

Shopping at Sultan Center fish counter-
Young British boy: Do fish fall in love?
Mom: Um.....

Chatting With the Neighbor's seven year old daughter-
Girl: (Looking at my daughter, who is dressed in a nappy) Her nipples poke in! Do they ever pop out or is it forever?
Me: I think they will 'pop out' eventually, she's just a baby.
Girl: My mom's don't!
Me: (uncomfortable silence)...
Me: So how is school?

We could make this a weekly feature. Have a great weekend everybody.


Blue Chi said...

LOL, you should seriously consider making this a weekly feature! Hilarious as usual!

Anonymous said...

Once again, BlueChi beat me to the comment...


You always make my day Sub'...

Sleepless In Muscat said...



PS: if you're into cars, you should go watch the TRANSFORMERS movie - it's loaded!