Monday, August 27, 2007

One quick item overheard in my house last night..

Adolescent #1: what's the password on your laptop?
Me: Ninjaturtle7124... do you know how to spell that?
Adolescent #1: Duh... do I look stupid to you?
a few minutes of typing... then silence
Adolescent #1: How do you spell Ninja?

Yes, We pay a gazzilion bucks a year for his private schooling...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's good to be home, except my truck is still not running

So, We're back.

New Zealand was great, Australia was great. I love Australia because people laugh at my jokes there. Seriously, the moment I step off the plane I am transformed from Weird and frumpy to brilliant and witty. Bizarre. The plane ride there was about as much fun as can be expected with one infant and a handful of surly teens. Yes, I can even complain from the comfort of my Business class seat.

Because the Car Fairy didn't visit and miraculously repair the beast in our absence, I am still driving the BMW. I hate it's German engineering, random error messages, and crappy handling with the heat of the seventh circle of hell. Random things keep breaking, like yesterday it was the Parking brake cable . Also, I will die if I don't find a car to drive with cup holders soon. What is it with European cars and no cup holders? I had an Audi TT in the UK, and paid an extra 75 pounds for the cup holder option. The cup holders were absolute rubbish. useless, twiggy things that wouldn't hold anything. I sent them back to Audi R&D in a box.

Anyway.... My rig is still at Chevrolet, awaiting the instillation of a new computer. The dealership wanted RO300 for a new one, we got one from a junkyard in the states for RO 100 including shipping. Once the computer is installed, they will be able to give me an estimate on the cost to repair it. I will then sell my daughter to pay for the repairs. Could everyone please send healing thoughts and prayers to my truck?

Hey, and how famous am I? Just kidding, but I was really happy with the article the Week did on the car import saga. I've had a lot of good feedback from friends who don't know I was the blogger behind it, which was thrilling. I notice the silver mustang featured on the cover has yet to be sold, bet you can get a smoking deal on it now... Ha. If you missed the article, you can download it in PDF here

What else is new? I'm working on a post over at the ocb which is sort of a tour of dodgy bars, exploited women, and men behaving badly. Look for it sometime in the next week.

Also, I was lamenting to a friend the lack of Egg Nog (A product I fell in love with in the states, it's like a spicy sweet drinking custard) and they suggested I email the American embassy to ask if they could lay on a case or two as a sort of grassroots goodwill thing. SO I did, but so far no reply. And goddamn it, it was a really funny email!!!! I laughed like crazy writing it! If you look at the embassies on Google earth, the American one is the only one without a swimming pool. Which speaks volumes, I think.

I think I have just about covered everything, look for more substantial news and rants in the coming days!