Sunday, September 2, 2007

Have you ever heard of a Slim Jim?

It's a long, thin peice of sheet metal, with a few notches cut out of it. You use it to break into your car or your hose when you have accidently locked the keys inside. THat is why you occasionally hear of someone "jimmying" a lock.

Do any of you guys have people who park thier cars outside your house, in your parking area, and then empty all the trash from thier cars out all over your yard? Does that strike anyone else as a rather thoughtless thing to do?

Would it be innapropriate for me to Jimmie the lock on thier cars and dump the contents of the trash can next to the infant's changing table, and maybe the kitchen garbage inside? I would, of course re-lock the car when I was finished.

Seems fair to me.


Anonymous said...

No I hadn't! But now the phrase makes sense. I can understand your fury. It often happens outside my house too. And there's a big trash bin about 10 feet away. Pisses me off.

What about just using a sledge hammer and then it'd be easy to put the trash back through the now open window? :-)

Or pouring some waste oil into the exhaust pipe? Or....

Your solution sounds OK and much more reasonable - but perhaps just return their original trash into their car to start with.

I wonder how much a wheel clamp costs? One could put up a sign that warns people and then fine them to release the clamp. Maybe a video serveillance camera too...



sythe said...

Lol, if you could actually find a slim jim then go for it!!!

Just dont get caught ;)

Would teach the person they wouldnt forget in a rush!!!!

Suburban said...

Cheers guys,

It's a plan, I think I'll have a few made up in to order in Wadi Kabir. I'll save one for each of you. Scythe, your profile is inaccessable, do you have a blog?

Hmmm... I"m searching for Sim Jim Images, and allI keep finging are pictures of some guy dressed up as a stick of beef jerkey. WHat the Hell?

sythe said...

It's Sythe (a name, rather than a tool!)

And no, no blog.... if I were actually blogging I wouldnt get any work done ;) comments-dwelling is enough for me... for now ;)

Think of a large bi-metallic strip, with a little indent at one end, and thats pretty much what a slim-jim is... the old family mechanic back in England used to have one... incredibly handy devices, but once you use it on a car, you damage the door ever so slightly - most people wouldnt notice the damage, but regardless, you do damage the mechanism slightly..

sythe said...

There you go... that's a slim jim...

Suburban said...


Thanks for that, and for stopping by. I'll make a spare one for you.