Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to work I go.

But first,

Today, I'm ranting and raving about our Ramadhan driving habits over at the Oman community blog. Go over there and lay the smack down on my hypocritical ass.

I'm going back to work for two weeks at the end of october. This will be the first real work I"ve done in my feild since I was pregnant. I'm excited and scared at the same time.

I am so excited to be back traveling, and around "my people". Folks who knew me when I was crazy and single, folks who don't know me as Someone's mother or Someone's wife. People who think I"m smart, funny, and talented, and don't give a shit who I'm married to. I will be a real person, for two glorious weeks of intense work and hopefully grace under pressure. It's like taking a bubble bath in reality.

I'm terrified to leave the baby and my husband for so long. I honestly can't remember how I used to be able to travel so much. I'll be out of town, but my heart will be scattered in a million little peices on the road between here and there.

That's all for today. More from here eventually about the human trafficing report, and whatever else is up my nose.

Ramadhan Kareem!

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JP said...


Don't worry - babies and husbands are surprisingly robust! It'll be interesting to see who misses who the most. Do report back on that.

What you may also find interesting (& shocking?) is when the other people notice that you are actually no longer as crazy or single... and thats OK. Babies and spouses are known to have a powerful transmogrifying effect [to steal a word from Calvin & Hobbes, one of my fav cartoons].

I'm sure you'll still be considered smart funny and talented. :-)

Have a blast!