Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Raisin Run / Sultana Scramble!!!

We have invented a new game. It is awesome. Sultana scramble. You need one hungry baby, ten minutes to kill before dinner is finished, a few gin and tonics, and a box of raisins / sultanas.

  1. drink a couple of gin and tonics*
  2. grab the raisins
  3. Put the Hungry** baby on the floor on one end of the kitchen***
  4. throw a handfull of raisins on the floor**** on the oppisite end of the kitchen
  5. Watch your child break mach1 enroute to the raisins, and laugh hysterically

* but no more, because we don't advocate intoxicated parenting here.

**but not starving, because we don't advocate cruelty to children here.

***which is free of hazards and anything dangerous, because we don't advocate harming your children for amusement here.

****which is clean enough to eat off. obviously....


Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

I'm gonna try the raisin run (minus the intoxicants-HARAM!) with my baby, Mr. Pickier-Than-Thou. The only solid food he'll eat without protest is "floor-shmootzies", picked out from obscure places that only a crawling baby can see, which are not rediscovered by myself until changing his diaper...eeww! Might as well make it something healthy since he'll be eating off the floor anyway.
Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daisy!

Yeah, it's just as funny without the sauce. Good on you.

Our girl is in the same stage wrt floor food. Big favorites are dust bunnies, last week's dried noodles picked from beneath the oven, cat food, and to my horror... Ants. The big black ones are too fast but the little guys don't stand a chance. It would be funny if it wasn't so gross!

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Same with my 11mnth old. What is it that draws rug rats to whatever is the grossest, filthiest stuff on the floor? Or the biggest choaking hazard? You'd think evolution would've sorted that out by now...

I tend to console myself with the thought that at least it's boosting her immune system...