Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The kids in my Neighborhood are getting Diddly Squat for Eid.

I left my small truck, the Abu Shenab, parked out front of the house all day today. Big Mistake. I Got back home just before Iftar to find the drivers side door hanging open. They'd turned the headlights on, and left them that way.

I guess I should count myself lucky that the thing wasn't up on blocks and covered in spray paint.

When I figure out which kid did this, I'm going to kill him.


Amjad said...

wow, you drive an Abu Shanab?! That's pretty interesting! :-p

Suburban said...

It's awesome. It tok two years to restore it. New everything. Sadly, to say I drive it it something of a stretch. It doesn't have A/C so I only drive it when I'm going somewhere by myself, usually to Wadi Kabir to fix another part that's broken. Mostly it sits in my front yard under like some sort of giant gnome... Only prettier.

sythe said...

suburban.... I feel for your headlight woes!

My landrover (which is ancient! - 1991) was dealt a cruel blow by the car washing demons... Parked outside Al Fair in MQ and said ok to the indian guy that wanted to clean it... 10 minutes later I come out and my windshield is smashed! I couldnt beleive it - I ONLY just put the damn screen in 3 weeks ago, and now I have to pay money out AGAIN to have it replaced!

I tried to go to Wadi Kabir but no luck... Just dont have a clue where I'm going, and I ended up driving around in circles with my wife! I wanted to ask you... how much should I pay to have a replacement winshield installed in a Discovery? And can you recomend any mechanics to do it?! :)

Hopefully the battery wasnt completely worn down by the time you found your Abu Shenab!

Suburban said...


How the hell did those guys break the Windsheild???

According to some friends who have land rovers, the place to go is 4wheel drive center in Wadi Kabir. Gopi, the guy who rins it is fantastic,and has done some aoccasional work on my other rig.

to get there from ruwi, head toward the Al Bustan, past the sheraton. At the incense burner R/A turn left. Take the center lane and proceed straight through the traffic light.The 4WDshop is on the left, about 400 m after the traffic lights, next to a wood working shop. if you hit the place where the road narrows and the mountain crowds the road you've gone too far.

THe shop is effecient, honest, and well organised, I can't reccomend a better shop for a land rover or jeep in Muscat.

Good luck. let me know how it goes?

JP said...


I'm sure they were just being kids... really, I'd err on the assumption of youthful incompetence [lights on - wow - cool - switch- forget to turn off cos they;re like 9 and don't know batteries run out...].

Sythe. Hmmm. If you drive a disco, you're obviously british. Heap of ****. But I'd vote with sub' too - Gopi lives on british engineering. He's ggod. [that was originally a typo, but now that I see it, pretty accurate!].

So, JPs two cents worth...

Fix it all up at Gopi's and... then SELL IT asap to one of the new crop of brits, and buy a another car, but Japanese, like a 4 yr old Prado.

Really. No one will know back in the UK.


Suburban said...

yeah, I forgot to add my condolences regarding your choice of wheels. Dude, a land rover? Why?


sythe said...


I left the UK years ago, I have no intentions of living there anytime soon. But that is another story.

Fact is, I moved here and had no vehicle, and little money, and, at 975 OR, the disco worked out nice. And I've taken the disco out in some wadi's and have been totally pleased with it. I've even ordered up new "Old man Emu" shocks and springs for the disco...

And yes... I know a Land Crusier would probably be a better choice, but I like taking old cars and making them good again, its more of a challenge, and it fits my budget better :)

I presume the guy broke my windshield by standing on it, as he was reaching to wash the roof of the rover...

I will look up Gopi at the 4wd centre and tell him I was recomended by this blog...

I'm almost at 200,000 KM's anyway, so I'll have to get a major service done. I wonder how much the Timing belt's gonna cost me to replace.... :/

I think by the time I'm done this disco is going to have a new-everything! New compressor, oil and air filters, suspension, indicator stick (dont go there!), Windscreen, lights (rear and interior), sound system...

What was I thinking????!! :D

Suburban said...

JP- I'm telling you dude, it was a deliberate act of unfriendlyness. Last year they stole the emblem off the front of my husband's car.

I'm still livid with the little monsters... It's tempting to wire the truck into the mains, leave it parked in a puddle, and let the adorable little scamps fry themselves when they go to fiddle with it. I am going to be such a cranky old person.

Sythe, Good luck with Gopi, he's really great. A miracle worker.

Neat story of how you got stuck with a L/R... stick with a cool set of wheels. Everybody drives a prado, they're like the Minivan of the middle east. I feel so square when I drive one.

JP said...

Yeah, maybe so Sub',

But he'll feel a lot squarer being towed by a Prado than driving one... heh heh

A good compromise is old Japanese. Like a pre-1987 Nissan Patrol - or for those lucky enough, an old Abu Shenab!! ;-)

sythe said...

Dont knock my landy too much... she's a tough old girl, and once i'm done fixing her she will handle herself just fine.... ;)

I'd rather wait for a tow truck than be towed by a Prado, infact, I've already jump started two Prado's in the 6 weeks i've owned Daisy... :)

Jahf916 said...

Hi Suburban....
do you still have that Abu Shenab..?