Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suck This, Salik

Salik: N. the much hated dubai toll system instituted to move congestion from Sk Zayed Road to other areas. Has resulted in making the gridlock even worse.

I sent an email to Salik Customer service late last night. I wanted to know if I need a Salik tag for the Oman registered car I'll be driving in Dubai.

I received a response this morning, But along with the response I received 250+ items of Spam. I've had one spam message in the entire four years I've had this email address. I haven't emailed anyone except my husband in the last couple of days.

I hate spam.

In other news, I leave tomorrow for two weeks of work! My family have been doing thier utmost this week to ensure that I'm not too sad to leave them... It is working.

I intend to be so un-sad, in fact, that I will pull out of the drive in a hail of burnt rubber, skidding down the block so fast that if you listen carefully you will actually be able to hear the air colapsing around the space I was just in. Except you won't be able to hear that over the sound of my laughter.

No news for two weeks from here, see you guys when I get back.


Amjad said...

What was their response? Do you need a Salik tag for the Oman registered car?

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Ah... that was the sonic boom that transcended the space-time contiuum and sounded off this afternoon all the way in Saudia! I shall road-trip vicariously through you so have lots of fun and brain stimulating activities for both of us:-)

Sythe said...

amjad - the answer is yes, and it costs 100 dirhams. :) You get a 50 dirham credit when you buy it, and the charge is 5 dirhams everytime you go past the camera.

Have a great time in dubai suburban!!!

Amjad said...

Thanks sythe!