Sunday, November 4, 2007

By the Numbers, Suburban Goes back to work.

I'll post a couple of the best stories, and something more detailed in a few days when I've caught up on sleep. In the interimn, here is a numerical stat-shot of my trip.

  • 2,600 Kilometers Driven
  • 300 Kilometers driven while hallucinating from sleep depravation
  • 7 Imaginary R/A’s braked for
  • 1 Total Number of times passport was checked by ROP border
  • 2 Total Number of Times passport should have been checked
  • 1 Glitzy launch attended in Dubai, complete with fireworks
  • 16 Hours worked per day by me
  • 152 pages of documentation typed by me
  • 1 Very frustrating mistakes made by me through sheer laziness
  • 58 Beers Consumed by me
  • 1 Toga Parties Attended in the empty quarter
  • 3 Pairs of Legs waxed using fly paper (Male)
  • 2 Hours of sleep per night, average
  • 2 Days taken to find my former personality
  • 8 Dealership demo cars driven
  • 2.3 Kilos of weight lost
  • 0.4 Kilos of sand in my luggage (approx)
  • 5 Showers taken
  • 35,127 Number of times I heard men calling each other "fucking cunts"
  • 0 women overheard doing the same
  • 100% probibility I will work this event again

Good times.


Amjad said...

LOOOL @ the 5 showers taken! :-p

7amdillah 3al salama!

JP said...


I think you deserve an honorable mention at the web awards [scam] for 'First use of the words 'Fucking Cunts' in an Omani Blog'...