Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Overheard in Muscat. Now with 100% more tourists

Tourism Enriches...

Tourist A: you know what?

Tourist B: What?

Tourist A: I didn't realise there are so many Muslims in Oman.

Rest of tour group: stunned silence.

At the Border between the UAE and Oman,

Me: Hi! want to see my passport or ID?

Border Guy: pointing at the shiny convertible Gears? Or automatic?

Me: Automatic. V6.
Border Guy: You selling?

Me: No. It's my husband's, he'd kill me.
Border Guy: crestfallen... Ok. Have nice time Dubai!

Me: So do you want to see my ID?

Border Guy: No problems, You go now.

Me: Okaaaay...

Border Guy: Waving happily.

*Ladies, take note: you can effectively go from muscat to dubai and back without having any ID checked if you are driving a shiny sports car. at the other three posts I insisted that they at least Look at some ID, but I really think I could have just driven on and waved. *

Tourism Enriches II-

Wherin Suburban adolescent reports from a recent school trip to (supposedly) provide aid to an impoverished country.

Me: So was it interesting?

Her: Yeah! the night clubs were amazing.

Me: And the orphanage?

Her: Yeah, really amazing. I felt so sorry for the kids and for the homeless people.

Me: How did the other Students like the trip? Most of them haven't traveled as much as you.

Her: Yeah! Like we were on this one cruise, and there were these platters of Prawns, and the other students had never had to peel thier own shrimp before so they didn't know how to do it. So I showed them!

Me: Hmmm...

At the Pepsi R/A (it would help to have lived in the states to understand this one)
Guy#1: Look at those guys! In the ties and blue trousers. pointing

Guy#2: Mmm?

Guy# 1: I didn't know they had Mormons here. Weird.

Guy #2: Dude, Those are LuLu Employees...

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