Wednesday, November 21, 2007


These tagged things... until last night at about ten pm I was all like, "man, who would want to be tagged? It's like an internet chain letter only more labour intensive". But then, Daisy, the Saudi Stepford Wife tagged me and I was like "Oh my god! someone really loves me!I am so popular and brilliant!"

Here's the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

  • I'm a lot like my dad. A couple of weeks ago we went shopping for a stroller and high chair for the baby. We came home three hours late with two bongo drums instead. My dad is awesome.
  • Back in the real world, I used to be a chef at some really pretentious restaurants. Teeny tiny food served on huge plates. Foigras ice cream on a bed of endive foam with truffled chive salsa and a miripoix of bing cherries, figs and bitter chocolate. Food no one in their right mind would want to eat, served in nine to fifteen course set menus. I loved my co-workers though, they were all insane, drug addled, bad-asses. There was rarely a dull moment, though the cocaine induced rages that people would fly off on really got to me after a while.
  • I think I have a parking related Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I can't stand messy parking.
  • I bite my fingernails until they bleed. All the time. Sometimes they get infected, which makes it hard to type. It's the grossest thing ever, but I can't stop.
  • I was too embarrassed to buy my own underwear until I was 22. It just seemed too intimate a detail to share with a random checkout person. I spent a lot of years just going commando.
  • I think NASA geeks from the early Apollo missions are hot. It's something about the plastic framed glasses, and the degrees in astrophysics.
  • I took Japanese in High School. The only time I have ever used a word of it was ten years ago when a Homeless Veteran asked if he could use my Lip balm. When he was done, he thanked me in Japanese and I responded appropriately. Let me tell you, he was one really impressed Homeless Veteran. I should have taken Spanish.

I tag Amjad, Balqis, PYR, Blue-chi, Al-Mawali, Kay, and Meticulousness. None of you need to participate if you don't want to. We're all about choice around here.


Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Now see, I was right to tag you. Your stuff is so much more interesting than mine. Some tags are so lame but this ones pretty easy to deal with and so illuminating...the underwear thing made me bust out laughing!And excuse me but, endive foam? yucky yuck!

Blue Chi said...

Urgh, I tried writing seven random things about myself cause you tagged but I really couldn't think about anything interesting to write. I might try later, but can't promise that I'll do it!

Can't believe you worked as a chef! You should tell us more about that.

Navcity said...

Foigras ice cream?! Thats so wrong it makes me want to cry :-)



JP said...

Cool Suburban!

But it still seems like a chain letter to me...

But I guess in the end it will lead to a new web of tags connected bloggers.

But great useless facts.


Undercover Dragon said...

If that was a real item of food it sounds totally disgusting Suburban. But I liked the bongo story. Deeply insightful!

Great blog BTW.

Useless factoid: to reach just 12 links in the tag chain - if everyone does their 7 links - you'd need over 13 billion people.

It looks like some chain letters can be fun after all.

Kay said...

Someone remembers my blog after all! its about to take its last breath. Thanks for the tag, I will get to it inshallah.

I would love to hear and read more about your stunt as a chef. Try rubbing Tabasco or really spicy chilly on your finger nails to stop you from bitting them.

Suburban said...

SSW- THanks for tagging me! it was a fun exercize.

Blu- No worries, the tag is optional. I'll share a few more stories frominside the bowels of professioal chef-dom someday.

Nav- Good to see you again! I made that menu up for the sake of the blog, but you'll get the idea. We did do Gaspacho sorbet once. it was horrible.

Dragon, your atempt to impress me with your super NASA geek fact worked ;) Your blog is fantastic, Stone and I are hooked.

Kay, THat's why I tagged you... goddamnit woman, update. How was the Linkin Park show?