Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank You, Nawras.

Today I went to the Nawras offices to see if the techno-whizzes there could figure out what, exactly, the is causing the ongoing plague on my internet connection. We were in and out in under an hour, and I think the problems are fixed for good.

As always, thier customer service guys were fabulous. We've had so many problems with the hardware and software on these things that I feel like I should be inviting the tech department to family weddings and weekend barbeques.

They think it's the modem, again. This is either our third or fourth modem, and definately our third sim card. We are so, so, so carefull with the modem and sim that I can't figure out why we are having to replace one or the otherevery four months. but then I figured it out. Obviously, the modem and the laptops throwing wild and crazy parties downstairs while we are sleeping. They invite all the other household appliances bust out the gin and the whiskey, and things get crazy.

Sometimes when I come downstairs in the mornings the kettle is on top of the microwave. I had put it down to the housemaid's idea of counter space efficency but alas, I was busting my kitchen appliances mid-coitus. Kettle, you are a slut. And the Electric pencil sharpener I found in the driveway the other day? Probibally passed out crawling home from another all nighter at Suburban Appliance Bar.

Anyway. Thanks Nawras and thanks nice customer service guy for fixing my internet, again. I promise to keep the modem out of the liqour cabinet from now on.