Monday, November 19, 2007

We can't go on like this

Dear Nawras,

Allow me to start this letter by thanking you for providing me with an alternative to Omantel internet. Every time I pay my bill at your offices, I get a little lightning bolt of pure joy rocketing through my body, knowing that my hard-earned Rials are no longer lining Omantel's pockets.

I would also like to thank you for having some really nice, smart people in your customer service department. I'd like to personally thank each and every one of your customer service and technical support people for being professional, empathetic, and calling me back when I leave a message. Because customer service that calls back is so fucking fantastic, I sometimes think I'm dreaming.

But as in any relationship where both parties spend too much time with each other, My love for you, and your customer service guys, is beginning to wane. We've had your internet service for a year and a half now. I've been into see you and the tech department more than fifteen times . We have had three different modems, and three different sim cards. I have spent close to sixty hours of my time this year trying to make the internet work consistently. And yet, it still doesn't work right, or at all, most of the time.

I am sort of at my wit's end, because I neeeeeed internet to work, and to live. My time is so, so, so precious and I just don't think I can spend any more of it waiting around in your offices or sitting on the phone being told to try reinstalling the software, even though I already did that seventeen times last week. Nawras, tomorrow afternoon is your last chance to get my Internet up and running. I Have made an appointment, and I am genuinely looking forward to having reliable internet by the end of the week. I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.

If we can't fix this, I'm leaving you. No hard feelings, you'll still be my mobile telephone provider, and I will continue to praise your helpful customer service department. But Me, and shit-loads of my money, will be going to Inmarsat's BGAN service. Which has the added benefit of providing me with filter free surfing. Meaning that I, not Omantel, will decide what is appropriate for my family to access on the Internet.

Best Regards,

Suburban Muscat


Anonymous said...

Hold up - are you telling me that there's another way to get the 'net here?

Suburban said...

I can only assume it's illegal, (what? What? Wha??? free access to information? it must be stopped!!!)But...

For the price of a new toyota echo, plus airtime, you too can surf the net at high speed courtesy of INMARSAT and thier associate partners.

I'm waiting on a few quotes, and then I"ll blog about it. Or you can just go to