Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Ford Airstream concept. Sexxxxxay.

I am in love. I would buy one tomorrow, regardless of cost.

Go here to see Autoblogs high res photos.


MMK080 said...

I am not into cars ... but I have to say this concept car truly is "Sexxxxxay" (Although I have to admit, I am not sure what that term conveys; is it good? is it bad? who knows, all I know is that it sounds Sexxxxxay!)

Great blog by the way (i've subscribed to the RSS feed :D)

Keep it up!

JP said...

It looks great - I'm sure a few of the less practical bits can be cleaned up first (like the side door bit on the bottom). I like the electric mood light thing.

Will Ford actually make it?


Suburban said...


Thanks for the prise! It makes my blog feel Sexxxxxay.

JP- I don't know. I hope they do, though it was premires with a hydrogen hybrid engine so I doubt it.

Ford, If you're listening, I would buy one.