Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So, it's raining here. there is about two feet of water in the street. Traffic, if I watch from the rooftop, looks heavy, but I am pleased to note that for once nobody is tailgating.

We have moved the rugs, the valuables, and the electronic gizmos onto table tops on the top level of the ground floor. We have also moved two of the cars to higher ground. I feel a little bit silly, but not nearly as silly as I did when we lost four cars and everything else in the house during cyclone Gonu. Because Stone and I spent the duration of the cyclone drinking Gin and tonics and assuming the water could never get that high. Oh yes, we felt positively silly then. Super silly even.

The trusty Abu Shenab remains in the front yard, awaiting a trip to the beach or the store later. I took it and the baby out to get some DVD roms earlier, and we had a blast blowing past people who had stopped thier cars to navigate puddles.

The air intake on an abushenab is like four feet off the ground, and there is a reservoir and oil bath for the airfilter behind that, so I can drive through about four and a half feet of water worry free. Well except that the floor of the cab fills with water.

Still, it is pretty funny to see guys in Porsche Cayannes, Touota Landcruisers, and GMC Yukons stopped, terrified of the two feet of water pooling at the foot of my road. It is even more fun to blow past them in my truck, waving, with the baby strapped in to the passenger seat up front. She waves too.

OK. I am going to work a little more on the Chedi Restaurant Review, which is like ten pages long at the moment. I am such a looser. I canot belive this is how I am spending my free time. Ha.

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