Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advice please.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others,

Please read the following, and give me your advice on the best way to deal with the situation. Please, Please, Please, I am begging you.

The last three nights we've been kept awake by barking dogs. Constant, bellowing, yapping and howling starting at midnight and continuing throughout the day. Last night at Two and again at Three, and again with the Dawn Athan, the barking was so loud that they set off the baby monitor. And, needless to say, woke the baby, and everybody else in the house.

I figured it was a pack of Wadi Dogs roming the neighbourhood, and that sooner or later they would move on. Failing that, we could call the authourities and have them shot. (harsh, but that's what we do here)

As I sat here reading blogs this afternoon, I could hear them barking away outside. Two hours later, they were still barking away. Thinking that one of them might have become entrapped in the alley out back, I went outside and scrambled up on the compound wall for a Look-see.

There were FOUR HUGE DOGS chained up in the garden of the villa next door. FOUR GIGANTIC DOGS. Two big German Shephards, One Doberman Pincher, and One fluffy white one. Let me say that again, FOUR ENORMOUS, BARKING, POSSIBLY VIOLENT, DOGS.

As soon as the Doberman clocked me he was jumping at the compound wall, Teeth bared, Barking and growling. They are building a series of kennels and dog runs all around the yard of the villa next door. The Dogs moved in three days ago, I don't know if there are people living there with them or not.

I asked the caretaker what the deal was, and he said they belong to "the Boss". Apparently, The Boss works for the Royal court, and according to the caretaker, has more wasta then me, so I should maybe think about getting used to the noise.


I'm hoping to speak to The Boss in an hour or so, and maybe clarify weather this is a breeding operation, or his personal dogs, and maybe politely suggest that they sleep in the house at night.

Maybe I am expecting too much consideration from the Neighbours?

Maybe it's pretty freaking rediculous to move into the neighbourhood with four goddamn dogs that you can't keep quiet and park them beneath your neighbour's bedroom windows, all day and all night long.

Any advice? Does the municipality deal with these sorts of complaints? Can I call the police if the dogs are barking at two thirty in the morning? Is there a limit to how many dogs you can have in a small split villa?



r said...

try talking to your neighbor first.. he / she might be nice enough to find a solution..

Then try the police

If all else fails find something poisoneous to feed them :P

Per Your Request said...

I agree with 'r', on items one and two. However, with the information provided I dont think talking to the neighbor will do much.
You mentioned that they are building kenels (how big?), this might be a temporary issue while they are on the chain.
Good Luck, keep us posted.

AlexOverseas said...

Yikes! I have to say, Suburban, given everything we hear about your neighborhood - isn't there a tipping point at which the best solution, painful as it would be - is to move? We did it a year after getting here (from a vile new "fancy" house that was already falling apart and is now engulfed in all the new road construction to a smaller, older, but blessedly tranquil and well-built place) and have never regretted it...

Navcity said...

Cant you just kick your neighbours ass? better still feed his ass to the dogs.

Wasta is such a ridiculous system. I find it to be so shameful because meritocracy goes right out of the window. I had an omani friend explain it to me in detail before i understood it.

ColOman said...

complain to the police if he is not helping..

sythe said...

Its probably short term. The dog's are probably barking because they dont like being left out on their own like that. It's not the dogs fault, its the owners. Having a dog shot because it's barking too much is just barbaric, I hope you do not choose that route.

L_Oman said...

Well, if you have a considerate neighbor - after a good talking to, I'm sure they'll shape up!

I've found that sometimes (well, most times) people are really self-centered here and it sort of blows by them when they do something idiotic that is inconsiderate. Then when you approach them, it (most of the time) seriously hadn't dawned on them that their actions affected others around them. Did that even make sense!?! I'm on the edge of losing it(most of the time) 'specially due to these types of people. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

it's been many days since your last post.. this blog is dying yet is it?

Suburban said...

Thanks, everybody for the advice. I was still seeing red when I posted that, and totally gobsmacked at the attitude of the caretaker next door.

In the interests of full disclosure I should add that I don't like dogs, quiet or otherwise. It's one of the few things I can always agree on with my super religous friends.

Alex- I am considering moving back to our old neighbourhood. I had no idea that 5kms could make such a difference in attitudes.

Sythe, I hear ya! I don't blame the dogs, but the thoughtless owners.

We don't generally have people's pets shot, though I would be lying if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind.

The Wild dogs are rounded up and shot pretty often, in part because they can pose a threat to pedestrians and children, in addition to being loud and tearing up the trash. Sad, but true.

R, Pyr, NavCity, Coloman, and L_Oman, thanks for commenting. I really, really, really, really, apreciate your sane advice.

Undercover Dragon said...

Welcome back Sub' - you were missed!

And I guess the 'talk and find a solution' crew are right. You never know.

Let us know if your new place has a reasonable rent... I sure as hell can't find one!