Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barack Obama Held My Hand When I was Frightened

He also helped me move a sofa, and folded my laundry. What a great guy!

Go on over to
Feel the love, over and over again. Really, you won't regret it.

*** Updated to add....****


Blue Chi said...

That was hilarious Suburban!

Blue Chi said...

BTW, he made a comment on my blog.

MMK080 said...

Apparently, Barack respects my opinion... Can't say I am surprised.

MMK080 said...

Ok I refreshed and now it says Barack carries a picture of me in his wallet... ok now THAT surprised me.

Per Your Request said...

lol, this is funny

Suburban said...

Today Barack Obama thought I could use some chocolate. How considerate! How did he know?