Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gossip, ROP media relations, or the lack of.

This morning our wonderfull Nanny arrived with tears glistening in her eyes. She asked if I had heard the news about the building collapse.

Had I heard about the three hundred and fifty people killed in the building collapse yesterday in Al Khuwair? Tragic, Tragic. So many dead, she had seen the building on her way to work this morning.

And I was like 350???? People???? You must be joking. So I cruised upstairs and did a quick search for a building collapse in Al Khuwair.

I found two pretty beliveable articles in today's papers stating that two (that's right, 2, TWO) were dead in the collapse of the Teejan furniture showroom and warehouse.

Which, don't get me wrong, is tragic and sad. How awfull.

What's fascinating though is that in less than 24 hours the death toll via word of mouth and courtesy of the after church gossip group went from something in the single digits to 350.

Hello ROP!!! Do you guys read this? You really need someone in charge of english language Press and communications. I quote today's Times of Oman here...
The ROP is conducting interrogations to find out the reasons for the collapse of
the building and the extent of damage, a source at the ROP said.

Yeah. Interrogations. I have this vision in my head of a Teejan furnishings employee hooked up to a car battery, blind folded and quivering "I am only an accountant! I know nothing about structural engineering!! Please Mr. ROP man, stop hurting me!!!"

I assume someone in editing at the Times' screwed up and confused Investigation with Interrogation. Or maybe some moron from the ROP actually said that to the press, or maybe they really are interrogating accountants and cleaners. Either way, that's not what you want the papers to publish. ROP, if you're reading this, I'd work for free for you guys until you found someone better.

I love you ROP, but your media relations arm sucks.

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