Saturday, February 23, 2008

Something insanely funny, followed by a loud dog update

With great thanks to Buj, over at Buj Al Arab blog, I would like to share the funniest thing I've watched in years. Enjoy.

My favorite line is the one about drinking Mango Juice in the fancy room we never use. It slays me every time. This guy has about fifteen other videos that are just as funny, go check them out here.

On to the dogs...

I haven't updated in a while because I was waiting to see how it was going to go with the dogs next door. Status as follows, thanks everybody for your great advice.

THE BOSS never did find the time to stop by and adress my concerns regarding his dogs and the noise they were making, and then Stone and I went to Dubai for a couple of days to visit family. The night after we got back, the dogs started up around midnight, and finally succedded in waking the baby up at five am. So I gathered her up, put on some clothes, and walked next door, where I leaned on the doorbell for ten minutes until a young lady came out, looking annoyed.

I explained that the dogs had been barking since midnight, and had been keeping most of our house awake for the last five days. She oppologised, and said she would bring them in at night. She also explained that she is only house sitting for her parents, and they would be back in a few days. True to her word, she's kept the dogs inside, and somewhat quiet for most of a week now, which I am really, truly, gratefull for.

I can reoprt that the dogs have been a lot quieter, though last night they started barking at 2, loudly enough to wake me and the adolescent up twice. I think The Boss is back from holiday, so I"ll mosey over there this evening and see about having a word with him.

In the interimn, I have done a little reseach, and can safely say that I out-wasta the boss by a lot. I hardly ever use Wasta, but it's good to know that he won't be able to use any against me.

Another Dog update next week, and then maybe I'll stop talking about my stupid neighbourhood.


Undercover Dragon said...

Hmmmm. Rat poison - easily available - mixed in with some mince meat in a little ball...

Don't get caught. ;-)

BuJ said...

lol ya suburban :-)
I'm glad you liked this video..

I have to admit, I did have to suffer from laughter when I first saw it.. it's the kind of thing you HAVE to share..

nice blog btw :)

ur a bit of a treehugger? innit?

Suburban said...

Dragon, CHeers yo. I'd prefer to find a painless way to kill them. Rat poison seems a little inhumane.

Buj, THanks for turning me on to that guy. He's provided hours of entertainment for me.

I wish I was a tree hugger, but I lack the self dicipline, and am too used to a life of luxury. Pathetic.