Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stone took a second wife!

So far it's fantastic, like having my best friend around all the time.
Stone's employer has been really great about everything.
The baby adores her, and best of all she does the dishes.

Just kidding.

My friend Abeer, (a newly minted member of the Beer and High Octane Society for Bad Girls {BHOSBG}) came down from Dubai for three weeks over the Gregorian New Year.

We had a blast. Abeer helped with the dishes, looked after the angel, told very funny dirty jokes, drank most of our beer, made the salad to go with dinner every night, went out dancing with me, and generally blended into the household routine like she'd lived here forever. We were really sad to see her go when she had to return back to work.

So what I'm leading up to is the following: At a new years party, for a laugh, Stone and I started introducing Abeer as Stone's second wife. She went along with it. The reactions we got were hysterical.

There would be a pause, a nervous smile, a glance from me to Stone to her and back to Stone. And then Stone would throw in the line about how understanding the company was being, extending benefits to her and all. Then the Men would smile warmly, congratulate Stone and us, and give Stone a look of sheer admiration. The women would smile politely between lips pressed firmly together, and shoot me a look of sympathy. It was so, so, so, hard not to laugh.

The amazing thing was that not one of the people we introduced her to called the bluff. They bought it Hook, Line, and Sinker. NOT ONE PERSON looked us all up and down and said BULLSHIT!
  1. As if this would be the first time they would have heard about it

  2. As if I would let Stone take another wife

  3. Who is waaaay hotter than me

  4. As if Stone (studly though he is) could manage to snare two hot, unmarried chicks who are younger than he is in a country with such a skewed ratio of women to men.

Anyway, Hilarious.

Tomorrow, an open letter to my non-descript white car poltergeist.

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Hilarious Sub'...

You and Stone must be good poker players.