Monday, February 4, 2008

This week's winner for most reckless driving is....

White Minibus # 3338 TS
23:00, February 3rd, 2008
Reckless endangerment, Speeding,
Driving into opposing traffic, And scaring the crap outta me.
You know the road that paralells the highway, from Al-Sarooj Shell station to Ministries area?
You know when you are driving from the Petrol station towards ministries, you go up a little hill, and over a crest into a small right curve before the road straightens out.
You know how over the crest there is a concrete and interlock divider in the middle of the road there?
This guy overtook a stream of cars, by swerving across the road, into the lane of oncoming traffic. Thus, he was passing on the other side of the concrete barrier, over a blind Crest, with nowhere to go if he ran into traffic coming the other way.
You think that's reckless? He did it with a busload of kids on board. No shit.
Yes, I've sent an email to the ROP.
Next week I'll launch the yet to be named Bad Parking / Driving Blog

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