Monday, March 24, 2008

Overheard in Muscat, Heresay edition

My mom is so adorable
Dad and mom, watching people scrambling to gather stuff from CCC shops as the Gonu flood waters rise around them.
Mom: Look at those poor men, trying to retrieve the last pieces of their shattered lives.
Dad: Sweetheart, those are looters.
Mom: Oh...

So you felt right at home then?
Stone: How was the school trip to Germany?
Household Adolescent #2: Germany sucks.
Stone: Why?
Household Adolescent #2: It was full of Long haired people who don't care about anything and swear all the time.

I think you spell it D-U-M-B...
In the intercon pub, two girls from Essex, seek their Arabian Prince.
Wealthy Omani Bloke: So you're here on Holiday then?
Essex Girl 1: Yeah, we like the romance of the Orient. Buy us a drink then!
Wealthy Omani Bloke: Alright, what will you have?
Essex Girl 2: I'll have a glass of Dom PĂ©rignon.
Wealthy Omani Bloke: (rolls eyes) Tell you what... If you can spell it, I'll buy it.
Essex Girls:

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Per Your Request said...

I love it, Im going to use the Spell it one. That will save me so much money

MMK080 said...

I liked the first one with your mom and dad the most. It made me chuckle.

Undercover Dragon said...

those are looters... funny. As always, I love the images your writing brings to my mind Suburban.

Suburban said...

PYR, that is excellent. Please remind me when you are going to use that line because I have now memorised how to spell it.

MMK Dragon, - Thanks for dropping by, as always. I love getting comments. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.