Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Forbidden Undergarments!

This is a good one, honest.

We Suburban ladies get most of our swim wear, lengerie, and underwear from Victoria's Secret online. (links to models wearing scanty panties, you've been warned). We order so much that the guys at the post office here know not only my name but the names of all the kids, my husband, and the baby's birthday.

Anyway... The ladies in the house love Victoria's Secret online because everything fits like it should and the style is great. Stone loves it because it gives him the chance to look at hot models wearing practically nothing for hours on end. Everybody wins!

Yesterday, I made my pilgrimage to the post office to retrive a package of swimwear for the adolescent and panties for me. Mostly, the panties Stone had picked were cute boyshort type cotton numbers, embossed with polka dots or sailors or whatever, but the last package was something special. Reeeeeally special.

Panties so naughty they are not sold here in Oman, Panties so forbidden that it is literally Illegal to import them into the country. Wanna see?

See that sticker? Made In Israel. And really, who wouldn't want to gird thier loins in the finest handiwork of the Zionist Occupiers? Yep. Plain white cotton ones. I can tell you that they are super comfy, and the elastic is just right.

But the very best thing about them, is that every time I wear them a little tiny peice if Israel is Kissing My Ass.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll be whining about how totally horrible my day was today. Seriously, today could be a song by the streets, called Suburban can't get it right. Wah.


MMK080 said...

"links to models wearing scanty panties, you've been warned"

It's a good thing u warned me. I almost wasn't going to click on it.

On a serious note... why was the "MADE IN ISRAEL" lettering larger than the actual brand name's?

But anyhoo, look at the brightside, u r inadvertently adhering to the Dutch product Boycott That we are all apparently under a duty to oblige starting today, by buying this israeli product instead. Soo way to go!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Shhhhh, the Saudi gov might find out that "Vicky's" isn't blocked from here. I've been enjoying my shopping freedom for about 6 months now but I know their gonna figure it out one of these days.

I know that if it said "made in Israel" it probably wouldn't make it past the border so I'll have to double check the statistics before I order again.
Weird how my catalogus never seem to make it here, good thing customs is keeping a sharp eye out for things which can corrupt my innocent soul:-P

I guess I'll just have to make do with the crotchless panties from that shop down the street, with the matching pasties and bondage straps of course, once "Vicky's" gets blocked again:-(

Al-Maawali said...

Hahaha.. for a second there I thought you were gonna have some "personal" pictures on.

I didn't know they had Victoria Secrets in Israel?? It would have made more sense if it were a "made in China" tag :p And what's up the Israel being larger than the brand itself (like mmk080 said)?

Suburban said...

MMK and Al Mawaali-

I've been ordering from them for years, most of thier stuff is Manufactured in Sri lanka, Maxico and Vietnam. It's just this one mysterious item that bore the Made in Israel stamp. Victoria's Secret only has retail outlets in the U.S. but thank god, they have worldwide mail order.

To answer your questions, Inside of the big package each item comes bagged individually. Each bag has a barcode, an item code and a label showing where it was made. Just like tracking spare parts in a big warehouse!


Woman you kill me, you are so funny!
I can't belive it's not blocked In Saudi. Maybe the Royals like thier Vickie's too? I think a few of us should chip in and buy you a Proxy program so you can continue to shop once they do get around to blocking it.

L_Oman said...

I heard a rumor that V.S. was gonna open up shop in Dubai. I miss that girlie shop. Never wanted to leave the frilly dressing rooms.

Anonymous said...

it's not true that you cannot buy panties in oman or that panties are not sold here. that's nonsense. you can go to the muscat cuty center or lulu hypermart or even small stores and you can find panties sold there. even displayed for all to see on the sexy mannequins in some stores in muscat city center.

Sabra said...

What I want to know, Suburban, is whether the catalogs that come with every order are in your shipments. Does customs go through your stuff and take what they want? Just curious. They sure do, here!

Saudi Stepford - Vicky's got blocked where we are a couple of months ago. Until then, it would be blocked - then unblocked - and when I went there to shop two months ago - got my "cart" full and when to get it and damn, if the site didn't get blocked again!!! I have been a little - ahh - less than discreet about what I think customs are doing with OUR catalogs...

Suburban said...


The Catalouge always makes it through, as does the quarterly catalouge that is mailed to Stone's box at his office.

Customs has never ever "inspected" any of my shipments without me being there to witness. The guys are totally respectful, so as soon as they see it's a shipment of underwear they close the box back up and send me on my way. If only Saudi could institute the same system, it would prevent a lots of Pilferage, I think.

THanks for stopping by!