Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Night's Fortune Cookies

Last night was date night. Stone took me to Trader Vic's, where we drank the aptly named Suffering Bastard cocktails. Nothing has changed in Trader Vic's for ten years, it's like time stands still in there, I love it.

As always, the food was great, and the service perfect. I hate the band, but everyone else seems to love them. If I have to listen to a Cuban version of I'd rather be a hammer than a nail again I might just shave my head, climb a tower, and start picking people off with a high powered rifle.

Anyway.... We got extra fortune cookies at the end of our meal. Stone's were unremarkable, but mine were are really, really funny. Especially because we were playing the amazing fortune Cookie Game my cousin taught us.

You will have many friends when you need them.... In Bed

A long dispute will soon arrive at it's end... In Bed

A delay may work out to your advantage.... In Bed

I think the last one is the funniest, but you need to think outside the box to get it.

Oh Yeah...


Al-Maawali said...

LOOOL! Great game. The last one was reeally

I guess it depends on when the delay happens (before or after). OK, I will shut up now :p

Anonymous said...

I really liked your advice to 'think outside the box' re the delay. That was funnier still!

sythe said...

I went to Trader Vic's last night with a few friends, and I told them about the fortune cookie game, and my fortune was amazing:

"You will have success in everything you do next Monday..... In bed"!!


Suburban said...

Thanks Guys, It's extra funny when you have your grandmother out to dinner because old people talking about sex is hilarious/ totally uncomfortable.

Sythe- Wow, that was a very specific fortune. So how'd it work out?

We were at Trader Vic's last Thursday! small town! We were the big table of girls causing trouble at the bar. It was messy, Lock up your sons...