Monday, April 14, 2008

Now what am I going to do with that Free Tibet Banner?

I was interested to read in yesterday's Times of Oman about the plans for today's Olympic torch relay. The media and the various ministries seem quite excited about it all, though I am slightly disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm shown by most of my friends and associates.

That's not what this post is about though. I laughed out loud when I read the following :

Oman announced yesterday that the nation is all geared up to host the most peaceful leg of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch relay tomorrow. The claim came from Oman Olympic Committee vice-chairman Habib bin Abdulnabi Macki, who addressed a large press gathering at the Crowne Plaza yesterday.

“Our security is tight and anyone trying to put a hurdle will be severely dealt with,” said Habib Macki. “The Royal Oman Police is ready to handle any such

Did you catch the pun? Hurdle! get it? Hurdle?

After I stopped laughing, I spent another twenty or thirty minutes marveling at his poor choice of words regarding how protesters will be treated. I can't believe that nobody prepped him for the question, or if they did that that was the quote he was supposed to give. That is textbook bad Public and Press Relations.

Here is how it could play out in the broader media, if any of them really wanted to run with the quote.

Oman, a country with a questionable human rights scorecard, (Tier III Bitcheeezzz) hosting the Olympic flame relay en route to China (another country with an exceedingly questionable record of human rights violations and abuses) today said that they would happily commit further human rights abuses should any protests mar the journey of the Olympic flame through this quiet Arab hamlet.

Expressing solidarity with China's controversial methods for suppressing free speech and peaceful protest, Oman Olympic Committee vice-chairman Habib bin Abdulnabi Macki said “Our security is tight and anyone trying to put a hurdle will be severely dealt with” He continued “The Royal Oman Police is ready to handle any such situations.”

Political parties and protests are currently illegal in the sultanate, a
small oil producing country with a population of 2.5 million, located south east
of Saudi Arabia.


In other news, I can tell it's summer here because everybody is getting really cranky. Even the Internet is being a pain in my ass.

Come back tomorrow for pictures (Yes! Pictures!) of the Naughtiest Panties in Oman. Stone and I are calling them "the forbidden undergarments". You know, like the Lambada, only under your trousers.


AlexOverseas said...

To make us wait 'til tomorrow might be the most evil teaser since "Who shot JR?", Suburban. I do hope you'll let us know, as well, where these Lambada-esque garments were purchased. Now that we live in a world in which Woolworths is a lingerie store, I suppose anything's possible.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of the rally the Tibetans took out in Delhi. Sadly, its not getting much coverage on BBC or CNN.

The Indian media is full of it, it was a huge rally supported by prominent Indian personalities. The torch rally on the other hand had more policemen than anybody.

Undercover Dragon said...

The Chinese are now even having to worry about what people will be wearing during the Olympics themselves. What if, shock!, people wear a Free Tibet t-shirt underneath another t-shirt, and then show it on TV once inside the stadium???

It shows how hard it can be to suppress freedom of speech once an issue becomes news worthy and with the internet behind you. Strip searching everyone going to the Olympics for a text message on a'd think someone would see how ridiculous its getting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you'd get the hell-out-of Iraq and stop killing civilians there, close secret prisons and Guantanamo bay, apologize for all the wars you've started/supported in the last 50 years, get off Iran's back, and prosecute Bush.. perhaps just than you would look a bit less hypocritical criticizing Oman's or China's human right profile - both of which are magnitudes cleaner than your own..

Suburban said...

Anon 2:

You Moron. the post was about Media relations and Idiotic things to say at an interview that would be republished world-wide.

Additionally, I am not currently in Iraq, thank you.

I am also uninvolved in the management of Git-mo, the West's foriegn retlations with Iran, planning future wars, or oppologising for past ones.

Should I ever be elected to the US presedency (unlikely, because one has to be a native born US citizen, which I am not) I'll be sure to make a few of the changes you suggest.