Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Facebook is dangerous

Oh my god, It's addictive. I haven't been blogging lately because I have been talking to and making plans with various long-lost friends. Real Friends!!! Like people who I actually know, have worked with, and have more than likely seen naked. It is awesome.

Posts in the works include:

  • Profiles on some local residents who everybody knows, and who add flavour to muscat. Crazy Kevin, Football John, Dancing Omani Guy, and Dancing Omani Girl, among others.

  • How to impress a girl, how not to impress a girl.

  • Overheard by Omani's in customer service positions

  • House Robberies in Al Ghubra

  • The Holiday plans

  • Trader Vic's Reviewed

  • Thai Basil Restaurant Review

  • Bangladeshi Co-Worker Review

  • Name that smell game, Airport edition

Hope you all have a great weekend, and look for a couple of updates next week.


Kay said...

Facebook is probably the reason I dont blog anymore! Looking forward to your new posts.

HijabIsOverrated said...

"Hijab- Yes, I will likely die if I don't get some green chile soon. Pity about your husband's CV. WHat is his industry?"

My husband is a aircraft structures engineer. tech. mech. dude for the airforce.

He can fixed/build planes.. and latly has his hands full with composites, sheetmetal, and precurment duties.

the saudi people called him back last week and informed him that they would submit his CV to another department as well. So now he is up for 2 possitions..

However, i'd so rather go to oman or qatar... argh

Suburban said...


Saudi sucks. So does Qatar IMHO, but some people love them both.

I have a few contacts in avaition here, RAFO and Airworks. you can email me : Otheroman at gmail dot com if you want to discuss further. I'd be happy to help.

We may decide to take our holiday in the states this year, so hopefully I'll be bathing in bowls of luscious green chile soon.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Suburban!

I miss you. Please come back to us. Or let us be friends with you on Facebook.....

A Muscat Mary who Misses you.

MMK080 said...
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